Mobile Health App: Market Stats, Growth, and Predictions 2023

Mobile Health App: Market Stats, Growth, and Predictions 2023

Today, mHealth, or medical healthcare app development solutions are one of the fastest-growing investment markets worldwide. Around 3.5 billion people use smartphones daily, which is less than one-quarter of adults in Europe and the US.

33% of US consumers prefer to have wearable devices and there are around 318,000 mHealth apps accessible on both Google Play and the App Store. The healthcare apps popularity is soaring every passing day. Connected medical devices are quickly entering the mainstream of healthcare. But they are being used more frequently to facilitate doctor-patient communication and to assist in better remote monitoring. It is raising the demand for healthcare app development companies significantly.

MHealth apps assist clinicians in making more data-driven diagnostic decisions. However, the apps motivate patients to adopt healthier lifestyle choices for wellness improvement. It is just a short glimpse; there is a lot more business should know. Here is an article highlighting the mHealth app growth, stats, and prediction in 2023.

What Are MHealth Applications?

MHealth is a medical health application that patients and their healthcare providers can use. Today, ample mHealth solutions are available in the market, ranging from nutrition and fitness apps, self-management & medication apps, healthcare for children apps, mental health apps, etc. It is the reason why businesses are looking forward to building healthcare apps to take their business to the next level.

The majority of money spent on healthcare currently goes toward treating a wide range of problems that businesses cannot avoid. For example – Prescription non-adherence charges $290 billion annually in the USA. But, mHealth apps enable long-term behavioral changes that promote improved health, saving billions of pounds annually throughout the globe.

MHealth Applications: Market Growth & Predictions

In 2021, the global mHealth market was valued at $38.2 billion and is expected to grow by 11.8% (CAGR) between 2022 and 2030. The medical industry dominated the mHealth market in 2021, resulting in the largest revenue share of approximately 97%. However, there are multiple factors contributing to the growth of custom healthcare app development.

According to the research, 84% of people currently hold an annual income of $30,000 and have a smartphone. But, the figure indicates mHealth ability to cross boundaries in the coming few years.

The 2021 report by Statista states – ‘There are around 4.55 billion social media global users, equating to 57.6% of the world population.’

There are some factors offering a great contribution to the success of mHealth market applications.

  • Changes to coverage networks
  • Rising incidence of chronic illness
  • Increased awareness of maintaining physical health & modifying lifestyle
  • Continuous efforts by developers to improve the application’s quality
  • Governmental encourages mHealth applications

The Future of MHealth Apps

By 2030, mHealth apps will be completely embedded within the standard treatment protocols. This instantaneous adoption of mHealth applications will bring in enormous benefits, including –

  • Reducing the overhead costs
  • Improving patient care
  • Increase in patient engagement

With the increased number of mHealth applications, users often get confused about which is best. However, even the rarest used healthcare application receives more than 10,000 downloads, increasing confusion tremendously.

Besides this, many mHealth solutions remain unpredicted, and people keep wondering about the upcoming mHealth trends in 2023 and beyond. So, here we have highlighted the latest mHealth trends that will shape the future of the healthcare industry.

Top MHealth App Predictions 2023 & Beyond

Planning to build a healthcare app? Before you proceed, look at the top mHealth app predictions in 2023 to get well-versed with future outcomes.

1. MHealth Applications Will Be More User-Centric

One of the major reasons why patients avoid downloading mobile applications is a lack of user-friendliness, slow speed, and poor functionalities and features. That’s why a user-centric mHealth application must enable users/patients to book, cancel, change, or request appointments easily.

Today, mHealth organizations are analyzing the users’ behavior to create an application that brings in better user engagement. The outcome incorporates improved app customization, gamification, and more. However, to accomplish this, businesses will need to hire Indian programmers who are well-versed in the technicalities and can help businesses accomplish their goals.

2. More Predictable ROI for mHealth App Creators & Publishers

With the ever-rising demand for healthcare app development, it is clear that the ROI for these applications has no bar. The profit from mHealth apps will continue to rise in the coming time, ultimately signifying the rising demand for custom healthcare app development companies.

We are know that in the US market via acquisition, venture funding, and initial offerings. So, digital healthcare apps have reached a high record level. Businesses planning to invest in mHealth applications can expect a better return in the future.

3. Better mHealth App Technology Integration Will Result in Rich Data Ecosystem

The interoperability of different technological systems has always been the biggest challenge for the medical industry. But, new laws are expected to bring some standardization in the mHealth sector. However, the US’s 21st Century Cures Act of 2016 requires well-developed EHR systems to follow stringent data-sharing guidelines that promote better API usage.

So,businesses can remain assured of the rich data ecosystem when they invest in mobile healthcare applications.

Benefits of mHealth App Development for Businesses & Patients

If you aren’t satisfied with the demand for mHealth and are wondering about the benefits of healthcare app development, the succeeding section will help.

1. Medication Regularity

Patients are regularly reminded to take their medications with the help of amazing features of mHealth applications. However, It maximizes the patient’s health benefits and the value of the healthcare business.

2. Reduced Cancellations

One of the major perks of mHealth apps is that the appointment alert function encourages patients to book their appointments, sparing the healthcare system from cancellations. So, it increases the profit from healthcare systems, greatly boosting businesses.

3. Decreased Healthcare Expenses

Mobile health applications significantly lower healthcare costs for patients and healthcare professionals. Prescriptions taken on time help patients keep their health under control and decrease appointment follow-ups. There is a decrease in the costs for different activities, such as physical visits and administrative paperwork. However, businesses can cut down cost while investing in healthcare applications.

These are major advantages of creating healthcare apps for businesses. With the assistance of the best healthcare app development company, businesses can get feature-rich applications.

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If you are an owner of a healthcare organization and considering ways to increase patient mHealth use, you must know that mHealth apps can be your biggest savior. In the past five years, utilization of mHealth apps has increased by over 65%. But, the primary reason for this growth is people’s desire to take charge of their health. Doctors and healthcare institutions are seizing opportunities for online healthcare treatment after the pandemic.

With the rising demand, mH犀利士
ealth apps can provide a wide range of services. In a nutshell, healthcare institutions must embrace the mHealth movement. But, if you want to be a part of the competition, hire dedicated developers to help you craft amazing mHealth applications. Tighten your belt and take action right away!

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