Need a Commercial Electrician? Here’s What to Look For

Need a Commercial Electrician? Here’s What to Look For


If you’re in the market for a commercial electrician, it’s important to make sure you get the right person to perform the job—your business depends on it! Whether you need an upgrade to your facilities’ electrical system or installation of new electrical lines, there are some things you should look for in your electrician that indicate he or she will be able to do the job correctly, safely, and without delay. Here are some tips on what to look for in a commercial electrician.



Your commercial electrician should have years of experience working on similar jobs. This is an important thing to look for in any contractor, but it’s particularly true for electrical work. You don’t want your contractor learning as he goes, or worse, not being able to fix issues because he didn’t know what was going wrong. It’s imperative that you choose someone with experience and knowledge when it comes to wires and circuits. Don’t be afraid of getting quotes from more than one company; most commercial electricians have similar rates depending on where you live.



Adept at Troubleshooting and Maintaining Equipment: The biggest benefit of hiring an electrician is that they’ll be able to take care of any problems that arise—and make sure your systems are running smoothly on a daily basis. And let’s be honest, nobody knows better than an electrician just how electrical systems work, so if there are issues you need your electrician fix ASAP. Check references and licensing: Make sure you know who you’re dealing with—don’t get scammer by someone whose only degree is a high school diploma. When it comes down to it, at least have them list their licensing information for different countries, states and/or cities.


Insurance Coverage

If you’re working in an office or commercial building, you need commercial electrical services. Commercial electricians are licensed and trained professionals who ensure that every aspect of your business’s electrical system is in tip-top shape—and safe. A commercial electrician will help make sure your property is up-to-date with new wiring, plug points, and other equipment. You may also need regular checkups on all electrical systems and equipment. From workstations and computers to air conditioners and coffee machines, there’s a lot for a commercial electrician to keep track of; it’s their job to keep things running smoothly! To get started on your search for commercial electricians, use our handy guide below.

Certifications & Memberships

Are you looking for someone with specific certifications or memberships, such as NABCEP or NECA? While many commercial electricians are members of one of these organizations, it’s not always required. That said, it’s important that your commercial electrician is certified by someone. It can be by their local jurisdiction (for example, if they have an apprentice-based license), a nationally recognized organization or even their company.


Education & Training

An electrician will typically go through either an apprenticeship or on-the-job training to become qualified in his or her state. Because there is no national certification for electricians, your choice of hiring someone will largely be dependent on where you live and if that particular state requires any licensing or registration. However, some states have their own requirements, which is why it’s important to do research. Typically, apprenticeships will last about 4 years and include both classroom work and hands-on experience as an assistant in actual installations. If you want to get into electrical contracting though, an associate degree from a community college may be enough education for entry level positions with various companies. On-the-job training for commercial electricians typically lasts about 1 year.



The first thing to think about when you’re seeking out commercial electricians in UK is pricing. While it’s tempting to hire someone who can fix your issue at a rock-bottom price, if they don’t have experience, you could end up paying more in repairs and replacement costs than you would if you had just gone with an experienced professional. Think of your investment as an insurance policy against future problems—but only if that policy comes with experienced workers. Other things to think about when thinking about pricing include safety, training, and speed of service. If your company is having electrical problems, every day counts for lost productivity. Fast service should be one of your top priorities; after all, no one likes being inconvenience by faulty wiring or fixtures.


The Contact

If you’re planning on having any fixtures install in your commercial building, make sure that they’re properly grounded. Without ground fault interrupters (GFCIs), electricity might end up being grounded somewhere that it shouldn’t be. This could pose a risk to anyone who might come into contact with it, whether they’re inside or outside of your building. To avoid accidents like these, hire licensed commercial electricians when making repairs or installing new appliances in your business. They’ll be able to connect everything correctly and safely. Plus, since GFCIs have become so common over time, most businesses require them before hiring commercial electricians for any job anyway. Make sure you don’t skip out on grounding your fixtures and save yourself some trouble down the road!


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