Never lose customer data! Use SuiteCRM Database Plugin

Never lose customer data! Use SuiteCRM Database Plugin

“Customer data is undeniably critical for business operations”. Have you ever seen a business running with lots of profit and increased productivity without managing Customers Data? This is simply impossible because everyone cares about business data and knows its significance. We told you several times that managing the data means managing your business and no data management means losing hands-on business.

Therefore, the Outright Store offers you a top-notch extension for your business. It is the most suitable and accurate plugin to manage customers’ data minus the difficulty of the process. Allow us to introduce an extension called SuiteCRM Database backup. This plugin enables you to keep the customer’s data with proper security and just feel free because your data will remain safe here.

For example: You deal with your international clients and the main thing is they trust you that is why they shared their business data with you. It will be a huge mistake from your side if you adapt any vintage extension for your business operation. You know what the result you will get later on if you strive for any outdated platform. This is why we bring on the plugin called SuiteCRM Backup which is best for your business. An A+ Addon regarding security purposes so not to feel fret now.

How is SuiteCRM Database backup advantageous for business?

It’s time minus your herculean task when using the extension called SuiteCRM Backup. We are going to highlight some of its salient functions. Someone said that Knowledge is the power, so let us empower you now-

  • Set backup 3 times a day

If you are curious about customer data then this whole article is for you. The first function of our extensions is you can use the backup three times a day for each user. Users can set the backup timing to whichever according to him/her is a suitable time. You can use the plugin for the backup process three times a day then. One of the stellar functionality of this add-on.

  • Recover the customer data easily

Let us save your precious time in the restoration process. There is a one-click restoration feature in this add-on for you. This saves your high efforts to do the process. It is simple to recover the data from a secure location for every user. It saves your money as well. You don’t need to call any technical support to do this whole job. Do this by yourself with no hurdle.

  • Create Instance backup promptly

Earlier, many spend hours in the process of instance backup. They are not able to do other business activities and just spend most of the time in this process. Now the problem is solved. Thanks to SuiteCRM Backup for creating instance backup while taking the assistance of automation here. Users can create an instance backup in just one tap. Much-needed extension for every business size!

  • Set Time preference to remove data

This feature is really important to understand, so please pay attention. If you feel like this customer data should be deleted at this time or the day. You are allowed to set the time preference when using SuiteCRM Database backup. No need to stay fret about data storage. The product will remove it automatically when you set the time preference of removing the data backup. This extension will highlight the important information about backup such as file name, size, and much more.

  • Get the Notification in real-time

Get this plugin and you can do multiple tasks. This is why it is important for the user to receive the notification so that you always remain alert about the activities that you did. When using SuiteCRM backup, you will receive notifications all the time whatever you do. Ultimately, you will get a list view, download links, and yes, a once-click restoration link.

Without any doubt, we can say that this extension will always receive positive reactions from every business size. The add-on is accurate for Real-estate business, IT sector, Healthcare CRM industry, Marketing organization, Call center sector, and for many more. They can avail seamless experience when using this remarkable plugin called SuiteCRM Database backup. If you are keen to know more about such extensions of Outright Store then visit our website and check out the plugins. Every plugin has a different role and gives you special features to enrich your experience.

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Start your CRM journey by investing in exhilarating products from Outright Store. We have a decade worth of experience in making slick and powerful SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Products to handle your CRM company. The extensions we have are loaded with magnificent functionalities for your business growth. You must give a try to our best plugins such as Email to Lead, Global Hide Manager, Email Drip campaign, Faster Global search, Backup and Restore, and many more are there. Our CRM Developers would love to share the excellent services related to CRM like Customization, Hosting, Data Migration, etc.

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