New Lock Installation By Key Maker Dubai in 2022

New Lock Installation By Key Maker Dubai in 2022

The most important aspect of a person’s security in their home is the locks on the doors and windows. People use them every day, and locks and deadbolts are not considered noticeable as alarm cameras. The fact that we do not pay attention to the new lock installation does not mean that they are any less important. In addition to being the most underrated yet important part of the home security system. Eventually, there comes a time when they get malfunctioned. Or do you need to replace new ones as a part of the renovation?

Things You Should Consider While New Lock Installation

The importance of new lock installation can never be denied. If underestimated, it would be very easy for burglars to break into a home where there are no locks or malfunctioned locks. They play a vital role in keeping homes and families safe. That’s why it is always important to make sure that you have the right and functioning lock. It is hard to know what you need if you have never bought one. Most of the time the lock is installed at the time of construction and has never been changed, which a great majority of people have never done. Here are a few things to consider If you are having plan to install a new door lock

The Kind Of Lock

As we all know that locks do not come in the same size and formation. Some lock universally works for every door and every purpose. But some of them are built with specific a purpose in mind. To make sure that you are buying the right lock, you just need to know which kind of lock need to install. There are many types of residential locks that homeowners can buy. These locks include everything from handsets to doorknobs and deadbolts. These locks can be used for exterior or interior purposes, for example, a deadbolt lock will work well on an exterior door. A door lever lock is better suited for interior doors because they are light and not as strong or secure as deadbolt locks.

The Security Grade of The Lock

Many homeowners do not consider the grades of locks before buying because they probably do not even know that locks have security grades. Lock manufacturers test their locks, and then they are given a grading. These are meant to give an idea of how strong, durable, and secure the lock is. These locks are normally tested and graded by the American National Standards Institute standards(ANSI). The locks are based on the number of cycles the lock can withstand before it gets malfunctions, as well as the amount of force it can bear.

When homeowners are buying a new lock, it is important to consider the grading and the rating of the lock they are going to buy. Because these things are of high concern as all of your home security is dependent on them. Checking the grade will help them figure out how long the locks will last and how will you choose the right lock that has the maximum amount of security.

Where The Lock Will Be Installed

One of the most important things most people don’t care about in new lock installation is the location of the lock where it is needed to be installed The location of the lock is an extremely important part of the process of lock installation, but some homeowners do not consider and make unintentional plans to purchase a new lock. A lock achieves its maximum potential if it is installed in the right way. Locks that are used on exterior doors need higher security ratings.

While interior locks can sometimes be okay with minimal amounts of security. The type of locks that are installed on your front door will differ from the locks. Installed on rear doors or sliding glass doors. It is important to decide where you want the new lock to go. In this so that you can buy the proper lock to best suit that location.

Features That The Lock Has

It is crucial to know what your lock is capable of and what security features the door lock has before you buy one. As locks do not come in one shape or size. Which is the reason why you need to pay attention to the features like locksets, keypads or smart lock technology, etc. Some locks also have tamper prevention locks while others have anti-bump, anti-drill, and anti-pick features

Things To Avoid During New Lock Installation

Installing a new door lock or doorknob always looks like a simple task, but one minor mistake can prevent a lock from working properly and put your security at risk. One of the most common mistakes homeowners made is placing the doorknob improperly. They only realized this after the installation of screws. Make sure to look at the new lock in the correct orientation to avoid the hassle of re-installing the door lock

If you’re going to replace a deadbolt door lock, make sure that the deadbolt is aligned correctly. Otherwise, you could end up messing up the lock and purchasing an entire new door. Make sure all three drill holes are aligned correctly.

If you have to drill the saw hole,  firstly start from the inside and carefully look for the drill to begin. As soon as you begin to see the hole, stop drilling and switch sides. This will minimize the damage to the door during the installation process.


We do not pay attention to the door locks does not mean that they are any less important. It would be very easy for burglars to break into a home where there are no locks or malfunctioned locks.

One minor mistake can prevent a lock from working properly and put your security at risk. So be careful with new lock installation. Make sure that the deadbolt is aligned correctly, start from the inside, and carefully look for the drill to begin.

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