Onco EMR – A Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record For Oncology Practices

Onco EMR – A Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record For Oncology Practices

Onco EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record software that integrates seamlessly with medical billing and practices. Onco EMR helps you to easily identify patients’ data for clinical trials, and it helps you collect and document that information in a simple manner. It has dedicated MIPS experts who oversee documentation and guide providers through MIPS requirements. It includes disease factors and NCCN-recommended chemotherapy order templates.

OncoEMR is a Cloud Based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

Onco EMR is an electronic health record (EHR) solution for oncology practices. It was developed by Flatiron Health, which has offices in New York and San Francisco. Flatiron offers five technology platforms for cancer care, including OncoEMR. Its users include more than two million cancer patients in more than 55 community Oncology practices in 20 states and 13 of the top 14 therapeutic Oncology companies. Its advanced features allow supervisors to store information on patients, including name, contact information, date of birth, and other relevant data.

The software can be used by physicians for patient communication and management. The software supports various specialties and runs on any OS. It can be used by small and independent doctors, and is also compatible with Linux and Windows. The software is also available in a monthly or annual subscription. To compare the two, we suggest OncoEMR. It has a total score of 8.2 compared to Salesforce Health Cloud’s 8.5.

It is Used by Medical Billing and Practices

Medical practices typically consist of five or more doctors. These groups have more complex needs than solo practitioners and need a system that can accommodate multiple users, locations, and resources. In addition, large groups must be able to easily scale their software solution, and they need a solution that is flexible enough to grow with the practice. Large group practices generally need a large-scale solution with a high degree of interoperability and reporting functionality.

OncoEMR can be used by oncology health practices of any size. It’s web-based, allowing users to offload traditional IT functions. Its software is maintained in one of OncoMed’s Class 1 data centers, and data replication and backup are taken care of by Altos. Because of its focus on oncology, OncoEMR can be used by practices of all sizes.

It Integrates Seamlessly with Laboratories

OncoEMR integrates seamlessly with oncology laboratories and radiology information systems. Its unique features make it a valuable tool for oncology practices. The software is cloud-based and provides secure access 24 hours a day. It also offers features like meaningful use certification, secure direct messaging, and HIPAA compliance. Its main competitor, Practice Fusion, also offers oncology-specific EMR solutions.

With OncoEMR, physicians can manage documents efficiently and quickly. The in-box contains a variety of important information, including messages, laboratory results by acuity, radiology reports, outpatient billing, and documents that need to be signed. OncoEMR’s in-box is perhaps the most important component outside the treatment plan, and it allows for real-time monitoring. This feature is also ideal for oncologists who need to access their patient’s information at any time.

It allows you to Build Complete and Total Protocols

The OncoEMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) designed specifically for the needs of oncology practices. Its comprehensive features enable you to build complete and total protocols. It also allows you to link all pharmacies. Its in-box is divided into sections that include laboratory results by acuity, radiology reports, and outpatient and hospital billing. This is a powerful tool for physicians who need to keep a close tab on their patients.

The OncoEMR is easy to use and can be converted from a pre-existing EMR. The key is to build bridges between your current EMR and OncoEMR, as data transfer is vital. When done correctly, seamless data transfer can save you a great deal of time and effort. Further, it eliminates the need for manual data entry. By building bridges between your EMR and OncoEMR, you can save hours of time.
It allows you to order a patient’s prescription directly in OncoEMR

In OncoEMR, you can order a patient’s prescription. Using this solution, you do not need to go to a third-party pharmacy or make a phone call to get it. You can access your patient’s records from the comfort of your office. Moreover, you can create complete protocols and link all your pharmacies. Besides, OncoEMR offers several features that are unique to oncology.

When ordering a patient’s prescription, you need to select the appropriate medication for him/her. Once you have selected the right medication for a patient, you can choose the pharmacy from the list. Once the pharmacy is selected, the pharmacist will enter the details. You can also check the status of the prescription. If you have not filled the prescription yet, you can go to the Timeline to see it.

It Supports Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) Reporting

Onco EMR supports reporting under the Physician Quality report system, an incentive program mandated by Congress that rewards physicians for improving health care quality. Eligible providers report quality data on three patient groups to qualify for the program. And can receive an additional bonus if they report these measures on a regular basis. The Onco EMR supports reporting under the PQRS by incorporating PQRS into your practice.

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OncoEMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) for oncology practices. Its features focus on oncology, integrating practice management, ePrescribing, and Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) reporting. It also integrates with inventory systems, radio information systems, and labs. It also supports meaningful use certification and is HIPAA-compliant. Practice Fusion is OncoEMR’s main competitor.


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