Organizing Your Commercial Kitchen

Organizing Your Commercial Kitchen

Why is organizing your kitchen important?


Every business strives for one thing-time. Valuing and saving time is not only professional but also a life skill. But imagine your chef takes more than 5 minutes to find the salt, leaving behind making the recipe. Is your chef at fault? Absolutely not. It is the messy and disorganized kitchen which is slowing down the whole mechanism. Customers are frustrated waiting for their food, servers are trying to cope up and the chef is overly stressed. These scenarios are enough to bring losses to your business. 

Organizing your commercial kitchen makes it safer and saves money. Often, you have started preparing a dish and later realized you are missing an important ingredient, which leads to food wastage. If your kitchen has a plan, you can avoid this situation. There will be fewer accidents, be it a small injury or a massive fire breakout.

An organized kitchen makes the task quicker, manageable, and easier. You do not have to run from one corner to another in search of every single item, which makes you lose focus. Be careful while planning a kitchen, because it increases the efficiency of all your staff. 

Organization is a skill required in any business. That is why order is very important in your commercial kitchen, and overlooking it might affect your restaurant. 


Organizational tips for your kitchen


There are many steps required to learn the perfect organization, But if you are on the bottom line, here are some simple tips for you:

  1. Add furniture with extra spaces: For example, if you buy a table, you are taking up most of the space of your kitchen. But what if the table has a number of shelves and drawers? These will add to the storage space. While you have a large work space, you still have enough room left for the equipment like blenders and spoons. 
  2. Knife blocks: Scattering your knives here and there not only leads to major injuries but also causes monetary losses as most of the commercial knives are quite expensive. To avoid that, use knives shelves, blocks and holders inside your kitchen to separate the knives. Knife holders are specifically designed to hold knives, therefore, can be easily accessible too. 
  3. Customizable Metro rocks: Every commercial kitchen comes with at least one metro rock, and now you can customize them to fit in any space you want. They are cost-effective and a perfect choice for pantries. 
  4. Plastic containers: Use lots of plastic storage containers like cans, shelves and boxes. They come in various sizes and are recyclable too. The uses are endless-from storing dry seeds to preserving fishes and meats, they are multipurpose and come in a full set.
  5. Dividing the equipment: Do you really need all those things stuffed in your kitchen? Definitely not. Plan and discard the unnecessary items based on your sales. For example, do you really need that blender? Is it time to replace the old mixer grinder because it is not servicing properly? In this way, your kitchen will be up-to-date and spacious.
  6. Clean it well: Organizing your commercial kitchen also involves proper cleaning techniques. Do not let the water store, clean the stains at once, wash the coffee-maker or oven once a week. This also increases the efficiency of the equipment you are using and maintains the hygiene of your kitchen. Keep trash bowls and dustbins, do not litter everywhere. Put the dirty dishes in the sink at once and wash them daily. 




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