Our Advice For Buying a Multicooker or Cookeo in 2022

Our Advice For Buying a Multicooker or Cookeo in 2022

Do you want to receive your friends or family and prepare good meals for them? Do it easily with a multicooker or a cookeo! Cooker Repair Services in West Midlands we help you find the one that will meet your needs.

pressure cooking

Due to the wide variety of household appliances , it is not surprising that you sometimes feel deprive when making your choice. With regard to multicookers and cookeos , know that one of their greatest specificities lies in the ability to cook under pressure for the latter, exactly in the same way as a pressure cooker. This allows this type of device to be extremely fast compared to the longer preparation time offer by the multicooker. So do you need to cook fast enough? Or do you prefer, on the contrary, slower cooking, over which you will however have greater control?

Adjust cooking and ingredients

The speed of the cookeo may not necessarily be an advantage depending on your habits. Indeed, just like with a pressure cooker , it is not possible to lift the lid during the cooking time of your dishes. If you prefer to have the freedom to adjust your preparations as you cook, your choice will therefore be more likely to be a multicooker . This one, ideal for simmering your food, will allow you more room for maneuver, in particular to adapt the cooking power, add ingredients or stir them as you see fit.

The wide variety of cooking methods

The various functionalities accompanying a multicooker or a cookeo are often very distinct. Although gentle cooking methods, for the preparation of yogurts for example, are possible with cookeos, Cooker Repair Services in West Midlands the choice is still relatively limited, compare to the possibilities of multicookers. These will allow you, among other things, to:

  • fry
  • heat with steam
  • simmer
  • boil

It will simply be up to you to check if all of these options are really necessary for you. If those available to a cookeo are sufficient for you, Best Home Appliance Repair Company in Leicester it may be wise not to direct you to a machine of which you risk not exploiting all the functionalities.

Cooking like in an oven?

Did you know that a multicooker can also be use as an oven? If you are short of space, it is therefore the practical device par excellence which is an excellent compromise. If the cookeo competitor finally offers a wider range of functionalities, the pressure cooking offered by the latter remains very advantageous. And it is above all your preferences and your needs that will determine which model you should favor.

What capacity for the tanks?

Multicooker and cookeo are further distinguish in terms of the capacity of their tank. The multicookers, often less imposing, are equip with more modest tanks than those of the cookeos, of approximately one liter. This is an additional element to take into account when making your choice, depending on the number of people you plan to cook for usually.

Analyze your needs and your way of cooking

The first will allow you to simmer your dishes, Cooker Repair Services in West Midlands adjust them to your liking as they cook and have access to many different functions. The second, for its part, will save you time thanks to its pressure cooking mode, while ensuring that you can cook for more guests. But if you feel that these two machines complement each other, nothing prevents you from opting for the set. In this case, just make sure you have enough storage space.


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