PMP preparation and training

PMP preparation and training

Project management is one of the highest-paid occupations currently in North America. One might wonder why it is that important. Project management plays a vital role in the industry. Each and every industry from all over the world seeks yields, and one can only gain a huge amount of profit with a successful product. You might have heard about PMP or PMP training, in this blog we will discuss about it.

For a great product, one needs to plan the whole process from idea generation to final launch. In this whole operation of making the best product, project management plays a vital role in this whole process. To be a project manager one needs to have several years of experience. If a professional has PMP certification, then he or she can even get an unexpected opportunity.

PMI provides several types of management certifications, and PMP is one of them. Professionals need to clear the exam for the certificate. There are several PMP training institutes and there are also online PMP training institutes popularly called ATP. It stands for Authorized Training Partner, you can look at the list of these ATP’s to find the institute suitable for you. Each of these ATP offers PMP training courses, which will make you eligible for the PMP exam. One might see it as a coaching center, but for being eligible for the PMP certification exam one needs to have at least 35 hours of PMP training.

Why PMP training?

PMP certification is considered to be the golden benchmark in the world of project managers. As I have mentioned, project management plays a vital role in industries. In case you don’t know, PMP exams are considered to be one of the toughest exams with very less clearance results. The probability of clearing the PMP exam is 50-60%.

ATPs are your partner in the journey of achieving the certificate. These courses offered by the institute prepare you in the best way possible for the exam. Generally, a full-time PMP training course takes up to 4 weeks on average.

These training programs are designed in such a way that they help the professionals to upgrade their research, execution, and testing skills. This training also exposes professionals to the different methodologies for better project management.

The PMP certification exam asks for discipline, an innovative and creative mindset, and these attributes can only be attained through proper guidance and an organized course structure. This training program will evidently help you to gain more and more project management skills.

PMP prep course or PMP training content

PMP certification validates that a professional is an expert in project management and has relevant skills to handle any given project. For the certification, you must pass the exam first, in order to pass the exam you must prepare for it. As we have mentioned above about the courses offered by the ATPs. In this section, we will elaborate PMP prep course structure and content.

The PMP prep course and PMP training is divided in such a way that a professional can easily prepare for the exam and can earn as much knowledge and skills. The basic course structure consists of the following things-

  • An overview of the PMP certification
  • Advantages of PMP certification
  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project schedule management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management
  • Project resource management
  • Project communication management
  • Project procure management
  • Project stakeholder management
  • Responsibilities of a Project Management Professional.

This is a complete outline of the PMP prep course, it will give you enough knowledge and skills to run any project smoothly. Knowledge and skills aren’t enough; the courses will also make you familiar with the type of management methodologies required for project management in different situations. A complete PMP prep course will not only prepare you for the PMP certification exam, but also for the great future in project management.


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