Protect primates everywhere by adopting a monkey.

Protect primates everywhere by adopting a monkey.

Adopt a monkey from Happy Monkeys to improve their future! We have a specific group of monkeys at the sanctuary that requires your assistance to represent the other monkeys. By providing food, care, and your time, you can make a difference in the lives of these orphaned monkeys and their friends.

You will receive an adoption package containing a photograph of the monkey you are helping, his or her history, a certificate of adoption, our newest plush toy, and updates about the monkeys! In addition, these adoptions make excellent presents.

We do not charge people to view our monkeys, thus we receive no revenue from them. To maintain our refuge, we rely on the generosity of donors like you.

Animal Fostering and Adoption

Adopting a monkey from Happy Monkeys is a wonderful way to help animals, and the monkeys also make wonderful gifts! By symbolically adopting one of the creatures Happy Monkeys USA is maintaining, not just one but multiple species in our preserve will benefit. Please select an animal from the list below to begin the adoption procedure.

Deforestation and bushmeat trafficking endanger primates’ extinction. 43 endangered primates. Over 5,000 privately owned primates in the U.S. is alarming.

The Benefits of Having a Secure Residence

Whenever possible, make an effort to reduce the suffering of primates. Adopt a monkey from Wild Futures today to positively impact the lives of primates.

Happymonkeyss’s objective

We foresee a world where humans no longer exploit wild animals because they live in harmony with them.

In the wild and in captivity, we seek to treat all wild creatures with love and respect and let them live as they choose.

Adopt a monkey takes a huge commitment on your part. The responsibilities of a guardian can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful. Raised properly, monkeys can be loyal friends for 15 to 20 years.

If you choose one of these creatures, you must adhere to several restrictions and requirements. Start with the state’s laws, then move on to the county’s, and finally the city’s. Your location affects whether you can adopt a monkey.

For additional information and assistance, please contact your state’s department of fish, wildlife, and hunting. Request a conversation with an enforcement officer. Research the state’s animal regulations. In your request, avoid mentioning the Adopt a monkey. You should read the ordinance for yourself because these laws are readily misconstrued.

Provincial statutes

Investigate the local legislation. The great majority of communities offer animal control services. Determine the location of the county’s animal ordinance. Be sure to read the laws before posing questions, and remember to keep them simple.

Check the list of banned species to see if primates are allowed. Apes are sometimes allowed, but not monkeys.

How to Locate Data on the Legality of Keeping Monkeys as Pets

How to Locate Information Regarding the Laws Regarding Monkeys as Pets. The fact that monkeys are wild animals necessitates that the majority of states impose regulations on the ownership of pet monkeys. Before getting a monkey as a pet, you should check local rules. Ensure that you are current with the local regulations. Laws are susceptible to alteration at any time. Read on for more information.

Determine whether or whether your state permits the ownership of monkeys as pets.

Adopting a monkey requires a permit in the states of Delaware, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Dakota. To purchase a monkey in one of these states, you must first obtain a permit from that state.

In Nevada, adopting a monkey as a pet is subject to a fee. Permits are typically not required, but you should verify this with your county or city.

Check with the Department of Wildlife in many states before acquiring a monkey. Others are allowed in Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Obtain a permit before importing monkeys as pets to New Mexico.

In 19 states, it’s illegal to own, sell, or import a pet monkey. All states except Wyoming and California allow private zoos to have monkeys. The public can own and care for monkeys in Maine and Maryland zoos.

According to the state’s Wild Animal Code, it is unlawful to own, import, or possess monkeys in California. Exceptions are made for zoos and museums, but only after a formal hearing and the issuance of a permit.

It is possible to adopt a monkey in Hawaii. Extensive background and credit checks are required to verify you can pay fines.

In Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia, the purchase or sale of monkeys as pets is unrestricted. These states allow pet monkeys.

Ensure that your city’s zoning regulations permit you to keep an Adopt a monkey on your property before purchasing one.” This may prove to be a difficulty for you. The city probably won’t ban monkeys, but it may restrict their housing. Only “agricultural” land can house the monkey.

You can adopt a monkey in the United States.

In several areas, including Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, it is illegal to purchase any type of ape or another wild or potentially dangerous animal. It is necessary to obtain a permit from the state Department of Agriculture, and the application procedure might be lengthy. There’s no guarantee you’ll get permission if you ask.

Determine if there is a homeowner’s ordinance in your city that you must observe. Ensure that you have the appropriate licenses following local regulations. To acquire your koala, visit Happy Monkeys’ online store.

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