Quick Peep at DNS Course, Path & Scope

Quick Peep at DNS Course, Path & Scope

Have you actually passed 12th standard? Do you wish to pursue a job oriented maritime course after completing your 12th? In case your answer is yes, this post is going to be of help to you. Of course, it is always wise to know maximum possible about a specific line before you go ahead and embrace it.

Once you know what DNS is and what you can do, you can look for a right Dns courses institute and enrol yourself in that. Actually you know what, nautical Science courses helps you become Navigation Officer on different Merchant Navy ships.  Once you do the right course, you can be sure that you get a job that is lucrative, satisfying and interesting.

The duration of DNS 

It is going to be a one year long Diploma course. The course simply trains candidates to just take on the role of Navigation Officer on Merchant Navy ships. It is also going to cover the different basics of Marine Technical Knowledge, Safety and even Fire Prevention, Communication Skills and more. Some of the crucial subjects covered in this course are like:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Oceanography
  • Navigation Chart Work
  • Marine Electrical and Electronics
  • Applied Science
  • Communication Skills
  • Applied Physics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Navigation Meteorology
  • Maritime Laws
  • Shipping Commerce

Then other than theory classes, lab as well as even workshop sessions are even present in Diploma in a good Nautical Science course.  The 1 year long course is mostly divided into 2 semesters, with each semester going to last a period of 6 months. 

A glance at eligibility 

Speaking of admission process and eligibility criteria, there are three prime things that are taken into consideration- Educational Qualifications, even Physical and Medical standards and finally the overall age of the candidate. 

Talking about the education, the least educational qualification required to pursue this course is ten +2 Science stream schooling along with Physics, Chemistry and even Mathematics subjects. Students must have passed 12th Board examination from a good and Recognized Board. Minimum marks criteria could exist and is generally nearly fifty to sixty percent marks in Board Examination.

B.Sc. Degree holders (subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) could also pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria could exist and is mostly between fifty to sixty percent marks in final year of the overall Degree program.

Engineering (B.E./B.Tech.) Even graduates of (any branch) could even pursue this course. As a minimum marks criteria can exist and is mostly between 50-60% marks in final year of even Degree program. You might also check  like IMU CET.

Standards related to Age, physical and medical arenas 

Remember if you are going to get into this then as a candidate you should be Physically fit as per overall Merchant Shipping standards to take on sea faring designation. Then eyesight should also be 6/6 on every single eye (unaided vision). Candidate should not simply be suffering from colour blindness or even night blindness. These are the areas that are crucial and without clearing them one cannot thin of getting into this profession. No matter you are a bright student or not, these criteria’s have to be met. Talking about the age arena, being a candidate you should not be more than twenty five years of age at the time when this course begins. 

The scope after completing DNS course 

After completing this Diploma in Nautical Science course, one may turn out to be a training cadet. Gaining eighteen months of sea service period, one can think of appearing for 2nd Mate Exam. After clearing it, you will be in a position to turn out to be 2nd Officer.

Then after gaining further sea service duration as well as appearing for further advanced tests, one could rise through Ranks and turn out to be Chief Officer. With time, it is quite much possible to turn out to be a Captain too! Starting salary is going to be generally between 30 to 40k Rupees per month. With each and every single promotion, this figure is going to increase. Salary even relies on the profile of the employer.

If you simply review this type of course, you can say and observe that Diploma in Nautical Science or DNS is going to be a very good, job oriented area. It shall help you construct a career in Merchant Navy sector. You can even take up job in Cruise ships as well. The pay package is going to be decent and with promotions, things will just get better! Speaking of fees, it differs from one Institute to another. It might even be anywhere between 2,00,000 to even 4,00,000 Rupees (two semesters combined), relying upon the quality of the overall Institute.

Scope and Career Opportunities

There are manifold work prospects in this industry, specifically in technological fields. The job descriptions are like:

  • Deck Cadet
  • Chief Officer
  • Second Officer
  • Captain
  • Harbour Pilot or even Harbour Master
  • Oceanographer
  • Nautical Surveyor

Moreover, being in Nautical Science , you must spend sufficient time at sea and get the essential experience. Next, you should definitely pass the requisite competency assessments and become certified. Only then you can apply for a position as a navigating officer and even embark a commerce ship. A career in this area or sector starts with a trainee cadet officer or even a deck cadet. A deck officer should have hands-on training, and this course imparts precise methods for operating and even upkeeping critical deck machinery. Moreover, you should not forget that you can even be promoted from a Junior Officer to even an OOW (Officer on Watch). However, the beginning promotion emerges the title of Third Mate or even Junior Officer. However, the years of experience you should be having for this position could differ depending on the shipping company.  


To sum up, you can check out courses for dns and ensure that you enrol yourself in one that helps you row in this field.


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