Rajat khare yoga

Rajat khare yoga


On his dedicated Facebook page, Rajat Khare emphasises the value of Vipassana meditation for deeper understanding of life and the law of impermanence.


IIT Delhi alumni Rajat Khare, a serial entrepreneur who practises yoga and Vipassana meditation, has expanded his expertise and career prospects in the domains of education, government information technology, franchising, data analytics, and hedge funds. In sharing his knowledge with the world as a co-author of the book “Make The Move- Demystifying Entrepreneurship,” he has enlarged his perspective. Rajat Khare oversees Boundary Holding, a business that specialises in early investments, internationally.


Yoga is one thing that has shone out in these trying times . These factors have led to the practise of yoga among businesspeople worldwide. Rajat Khare has been putting a lot of effort to continuing his yoga practise. He routinely puts money into companies that use AI.  Rajat Khare uses his Facebook page to educate professionals, entrepreneurs, and the general public about the health benefits of yoga.

The rat race of cities and towns strains the body and intellect of humanity. According to Rajat Khare and yogic literature, yoga is supposed to cause one’s awareness to meld with the Universal Consciousness. Everything in the universe, according to contemporary scientists, is really an expression of the same quantum firmament.

Rajat khare is putting his efforts to create yogic literacy and using his page to educate public about health benefits of yoga. It enhance the flexiblity and immunity

Benefits of Yoga

Yogic can literate public about yoga and their benefits. Yoga has benefits in culture that gain happiness and simplicity and literate people


Enjoy the best yoga sessions’ videos, keep learning, and benefit from yoga exercises as you always have.

Rajat Khare, an IIT Delhi alumnus who engages in yoga and Vipassana meditation, has broadened his knowledge and job opportunities in the fields of education, government IT, franchising, data analytics, and hedge funds.

he claims that yoga has many benefits in modern culture.

Corporate Achievements

Entrepreneur Rajat Khare founded Boundary Holding, a next-generation technology firm based in Luxembourg that makes investments in businesses. It is related to artificial intelligence and deep technology.
Rajat Khare started his entrepreneurial path by founding an education firm after earning his Computer Science degree. He took his degree  from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

In 2016, Mr. Rajat Khare went on to found Boundary Holding, a European investment fund with offices in France and Luxembourg.

Boundary Holding invests in artificial intelligence businesses that incorporate cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, analytics, unmanned aerial vehicles, big data, and sustainable business models like Deeptech and Medtech.

Rajat Khare has been able to reproduce his success stories in many firms with the help of investments from Boundary Holding. His entrepreneurial endeavours have been used as a case study in a course taught by Professor Patrick Turner at the INSEAD School of Business.

Rajat khare investment firm and his entreprenurial endeavours have been used in various social profiles to educated the public.

Rajat Khare founded an education company after receiving his degree in computer science to begin his entrepreneurial career. He received his education from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi (IIT).



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