Reasons Athletes Should Use a Stainless Steel Shaker

Reasons Athletes Should Use a Stainless Steel Shaker

If you are going to start a new journey of fitness and exercise your body might need proper nutrition for that. A high-quality protein supplement, which contains amino acids and fiber to support your fitness journey. Stainless Steel Shaker can be your perfect fitness companion allowing you to store your drink and consume it after 30-40 minutes of your workout.

You might wonder why I should invest in a shaker bottle when I have a plastic water container for mixing supplements. You are right you can mix your powder with water in a plastic water bottle. As a result, you will see a clumsy shake with leftovers of the powder making your drink unhealthy. On the other hand, a shaker bottle allows perfect mixing protein with ease.

There are countless advantages of a shaker cup as compared to the ordinary plastic water bottles available on the market. Although, they are cost-effective but do not offer you a fresh protein shake in the end.  

Stainless steel bottle comes with a dedicated mixing mechanism that is also known as a mixing ball or a whisk. When you start mixing supplements the ball moves around in the bottle, ensuring the powder is mixed properly in the water and you get a healthy protein shake to offer instant energy to the body. The shaker cup is designed to meet your fitness need by ensuring every time you open the lid you experience a healthy protein drink.

When you are using a plastic bottle for your fitness journey. You might face multiple problems with its material and response as well. These days you will find numerous plastic bottles in the market at affordable prices. Whereas, they are constructed through a low-quality material which is not safe for your health as well. 

Contrary to that, a Stainless Steel Shaker is built with solid quality and durable material designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Although you will have to spend a couple of bucks, more but the result will be favorable. Durable material makes steel shaker a choice for every athlete wanting to grow muscle mass. Apart from the gym-goers, students and office workers also carry a shaker bottle. They like having a fresh smoothie and coffee and staying healthy between lunch breaks.

On the other hand, you cannot rely on plastic bottles, as they cannot keep your drink fresh for even minutes. It again comes down to their material, a plastic that has no sustainability to ensure your coffee, protein shake or other beverage remains fresh. When you store any drink it will lose its taste within minutes. 

When you store your protein shake in a shaker bottle it keeps your drink fresh for even hours. Athletes also call it a shaker cup or a mixing cup as well. They use it to store coffee and other beverages apart from mixing protein. A shaker bottle comes with double wall insulation from inside which means anything you store in it. The taste and temperature will remain the same even after the hours.

Stainless Steel Shaker

A gym-goer needs a fresh protein shake before/after the exercise. It helps in speedy muscle growth and enhances endurance by meeting his protein goals. That is why athletes rely on a stainless steel shaker instead of a plastic water bottle. On the other hand, an unhealthy shake can do no good but lead to gas, and bloating.

Therefore, it is essential for the exerciser to take care of their body nutrition by consuming healthy drinks. Shaker bottle helps in perfect mixing protein and ensures you can accomplish your desired fitness goals.

Once you have started your fitness journey you have to make sure that your body gets a pure energy drink after the intensive workout session. This means you have to store your drink carry it with you to the fitness club and drink after exercise. When you plan on using a plastic bottle for the purpose, you might end up experiencing a disaster.

The plastic of these bottles is not safe and the drink might spill into the bag leading to a huge mess for you. However, a stainless shaker bottle prevents any spillage while you are on the travel. It comes with an airtight sealed lid from which nothing comes out even when you shake it hard. 

The outer lid of the stainless steel shaker also ensures the moisture of your drink remains inside keeping it fresh. On the other hand, you cannot rely on plastic water bottles for the purpose. Their lid is not reliable when it comes to maintenance of your beverages’ freshness. 

Shaker bottle again wins the race with plastic bottles when it comes to durability. How would it feels when you brought a plastic bottle and you have to buy it after a few days? It will frustrate you by costing time to go to the market and spend your hard money again.

When you store a drink in the plastic water container and wash it. You will see there is still a smell of the previous shake. That will make ask you to discard the bottle and get a new one. However, it is not the case with stainless steel bottles. When you wash, it after using it will come out like a new one. This means there will be no smell of anything you have stored.

That is why athletes, students, officer professionals and other sports persons prefer a shake instead of ordinary water carriers. As they are your perfect companion by offering you healthy drinks, an easy storage facility and a carriage as well. Above all, they help in perfect mixing protein which is important for an athlete.

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