Tobacco is available in various forms, such as cigarettes, cigars, dissolvable products, and more. Out of all these, a cigarette is the most common form of tobacco consumed by people. A few adults consider it as a ‘stress reliever,’ while many pretend to be cool among their friends by consuming tobacco. It leads to fatal consequences, including cancer, tuberculosis, etc. Thus, tobacco is destroying the human body as well as the environment.


Banning tobacco is an essential step toward decreasing health hazards and protecting the environment. The checkpoints mentioned below state why selling tobacco should be banned:


Tobacco smoke is very threatening to your body. Nicotine is one of its main components, which behave like receptors. It consists of near about 400 harmful chemicals present in it. Several diseases like asthma, cancer, and tuberculosis are caused due to smoking. It has adverse effects on our various body organs. For example :

  • *Eyes-Cataracts and Blinking
  • *Lungs-Chronic bronchitis
  • *Throat –Sore throat and cancer
  • So, banning the sale of tobacco will help to lower the risks of health issues.


Tobacco equally contributes to destroying our mother nature as well. The industries which manufacture tobacco releases greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide (co2), which results in increasing global warming. The smoke released also adds up to air pollution. It disturbs the fresh and clean air by making it unfit to inhale. Some leftover cigarettes can cause forest fire which spoils the habitat of wildlife. 

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It is very necessary to curtail tobacco consumption by people because they are gaining a harmful addiction. Young teens start being very casual with tobacco intake on a daily basis. Even after knowing the health consequences, people continue their habit of consuming tobacco. Thus, tobacco should be banned in order to protect and save the lives of our citizens.


Tobacco consumption in any form is a deadly addiction. The graph of deaths from consuming tobacco is increasing every passing year. Eight million deaths have been recorded on average all over the world due to the intake of this deadly product. Besides, smokers, it is throwing away non-smokers into this trap as well. Somewhere around 1.2 million non-smokers die as a result of coming in contact with smokers and inhaling the mortal smoke.


The smokers themselves are frustrated by their harmful addiction. They also want to get rid of their inferior habit. Smokers are upset about the fact that they can’t overcome their bad habit of consuming tobacco. This has become a major part of their everyday life. So, putting a ban on selling tobacco could be a key to saving numerous lives and help out those smokers to overcome their fatal habits.

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  • The life span of a smoker is ten years less than a non-smoker.
  • Thousands of adolescents daily adopt the habit of smoking.
  • There are about 7000 harmful chemicals present in tobacco. Out of which 70 of them can directly cause cancer.
  • Billions of dollars are spent by the tobacco industry on marketing cigarettes.
  • 1-2 milligrams of nicotine are consumed per cigarette.
  • Ten million cigarettes are purchased per minute in the entire world.
  • Tobacco not only causes cancer but also increases the risks of heart diseases.
  • Within 15 seconds of inhaling tobacco smoke, nicotine reaches the brain.
  • One person dies in a very short span of 4.5 seconds as a result of a tobacco-related health issue.
  • Smoking laws provide a shield to only 20% population globally.


  • These are the few advantages which you can have if tobacco is banned:
  • *A considerable reduction is noticed in worldwide deforestation by 5%.
  • *It boosts your health status by eliminating risks of cancer, asthma, and other tobacco-related diseases.
  • *The lives of innocent non-smokers who were becoming a victim of this deadly trap could be saved.
  • *Eradicating tobacco will add up to more than ten years to your life span.
  • *Death rates from tobacco consumption will be reduced. Numerous lives are going to be saved.
  • *It will also help the smokers to overcome their lethal addiction.


Banning tobacco is imperative in order to save lives from various health risks. It will surely benefit smokers to get rid of their harmful cravings. Consuming tobacco is menacing as it can take away millions of life all around the globe. The government should take immediate and strict measures against smoking. Even though the product is supplied with a warning sign to all, people prefer buying it. So the symbol alone can’t bring any change. Thus, the selling of tobacco should be banned. And you can also read about Schools Be Transformed into All Digital Workplaces

If you are still a smoker, quit right now since it’s never too late to make a fresh start.


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