Service for the Removal of Mice and Rats in Scarborough

Service for the Removal of Mice and Rats in Scarborough

What else are Rats and Mice?

Mice and rats have a similar physical form that is characteristic of all rodents. This structure consists of a long body that narrows toward the head, small legs with four front toes and five rear toes, and a long tail.

Both mice and rats have protruding eyes, and their fur may range in color from white to brown to black. Mice and rats now have many varied coat patterns.

The presence of a pair of incisor teeth in the roof of the mouth is a diagnostic trait that is shared by all rodent species. Their other habits and qualities are distinct from one another.

To the casual observer, rats and mice appear to have very similar body shapes, legs, tails, noses, and ears.

However, a closer examination of their body characteristics reveals that there are differences in their sizes and features that you can use to tell these two rodents apart. Rats and mice are both considered to be Pest Control Scarborough.


Methods for the Elimination of Mice and Rats

It is common knowledge that mice and rats have a very rapid reproduction rate; thus, infestations need the services of a professional Pest Control Scarborough company. A significant infestation has the potential to do extensive damage to both the house and the yard.


Beginning Steps in the Investigation

In this process, there will first be an examination of your house, which will provide us with a greater understanding of the potential weaknesses of your home as well as any current infestations of which you were previously unaware.



Setting up the trap is the activity for the second phase. At Pest Control Guard, we only utilize treatment techniques that are safe for the environment and do not harm the ecosystem.

We place a high priority on ensuring both the well-being of you and your loved ones as well as the integrity of the natural world. Because of this, we make use of bio-pesticides, which are treatments that are both non-toxic and non-invasive, such as setting traps.


Safeguarding against the recurrence of infestations

The skilled technicians at Pest Control Guard will do all in their power to restore your property to its pre-infestation condition. This includes setting traps, removing trash, repairing buildings, and restoring insulation, among other things.

In addition to that, our experts will provide you with pointers and instructions on how to prevent new infestations.


Since when are mice and rats dangerous?

Mice and rats prefer to live in groups. So if you detect a single one, it is certain that others are lurking around. These are some definite symptoms of mice and rats infestation in your home:


  1. Sighting of mice and rats near house or yard.
  2. Fecal droppings around food packages, in cabinets, and beneath the sink.
  3. Nesting materials like as shredded paper, cloth, or dry plant materials.
  4. Signs of chewing on food packaging.
  5. Holes ripped through walls and floors
  6. Stale smells emanate from concealed regions.

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