Shirts Every Men Should Own – Tistabene

Shirts Every Men Should Own – Tistabene

With trends changing every season, men’s shirts are undoubtedly the most versatile piece every man should have in his wardrobe. But stocking your wardrobe with all types of shirts won’t help. Unless you know which shirt to wear for each occasion.

So whether you are heading to the office or sipping cocktails by the poolside. Here are some classic formal shirts to casual printed shirts for men, these are some essential shirts every man should own.

  1. Oxford Button Down Shirt-

Oxford button-down shirt is a classic distinguished by a button-down collar, thick cloth that’s been serving as a base for not only smart workwear but also for events like weddings or for more formal wear. The thick fabric makes it edgy compared to other shirtings. Go for dark colours when picking for casual events and light colours for formal events like corporate meetings.

Style this timeless piece with jeans, corduroys and chinos.


  1. Dress Shirt-

A dress shirt is what you need when you’re a fan of getting suited as it is simply elegant and simplistic. It has traditionally thicker fabric compared to any other regular shirt. It is the best choice for a formal event or a romantic evening as how crisp its fabric is with double cuffs and a sharp collar. Some prefer to keep it simple like the style it with a tuxedo or a three-piece suit, with a black tie or even a bow tie to complete the look.


  1. Cuban Collar Shirt-

Cuban collar shirts are an essential summer staple. With the y2k trend taking over, these shirts are casual yet high on trend. With an open collar and short sleeves give beachy vibes, with many colours and patterns to choose from. Can we be paired with shorts or jeans for a casual event or for a dressed-up look you can pair them with well-tailored chinos, show a bit of hairy chest and look slick all at once.


  1. Overshirt-

When confused with the weather or I should say overshirt is best for springs when neither it’s too cold nor it’s too hot.

Overshirts are printed shirts for men versatile pieces and are traditionally worn over a t-shirt or a button-down. As used for layering when the weather is a bit colder can we wear it under the coat in winters? It can be dressed up or dressed down but opt for darker colours like blue and grey for night outs or for fancy occasions. Whereas, lighter shades for more casual daytime events. Pair them up with denim and a pair of lace-up boots and you are good to go.


  1. Flannels-

Just like overshirts, flannel shirts can be worn in between seasons. When it’s too cold for wearing a t-shirt and too hot for a coat. It is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe this thick, soft fabric is traditionally in checked form. A heavy flannel is a must for cooler weather as it is great for layering over a t-shirt or buttoned-up. Style it with some dark pair of denim and brown boots and you’ll be the coolest guy in the room.

Hope it was helpful!

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