Shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers in Europe – what is the situation?

Shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers in Europe – what is the situation?

In recent years, the shortage of truck drivers in Europe has become a real problem, aggravated by the health crisis. Demand is gradually approaching its pre-pandemic level and one thing is clear: the sector is not always aware of the importance of the labor shortage and its long-term consequences.

Why are there not enough truck drivers in Europe?

Many factors make it difficult to find truck drivers in Europe; the sector itself affirms that the working conditions are difficult, the wages are too low, the demand is increasing but the trade suffers from a bad image among young people and it is an almost exclusively male sector.

All these aspects have negative repercussions on distribution chains. In addition to this crisis that we are going through as part of the resumption of activities truck dispatch services after the restrictions, skyrocketing inflation is causing an exceptional increase in fuel and energy prices as well as a constant increase in the cost of living in istanbul escorts general.

Too few trucks to provide transportation

In Europe, the lack of lorries to provide transport has not yet reached the level of the United Kingdom where service stations have resorted to military aid because the tankers supplying them do not arrive in time to fill fuel storage tanks. According to estimates from German industrial federations, there is a shortage of 400,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers in Europe.

According to companies in the sector, this is causing general dissatisfaction with customers as well as obvious bottlenecks which are aggravated by another unfavorable situation in Europe’s largest ports, which have been facing, for several weeks already, an overload of depot containers. There is therefore great uncertainty regarding the search for truck drivers and the future of the sector in the coming months.

The European Union’s “mobility package” which will soon come into force and which is suppose to solve certain predominant problems and make the profession more attractive for women is an additional source of concern for the sector which considers that this “package” fixes much stricter rules on working conditions for road transport.

No direct solution seems to be forthcoming in the short term, in particular because of the average age of drivers currently in service, which is over 50 years old. We are therefore dealing with a sector neglected by large clients, professionally uninteresting for society and which offers insufficient salaries but which, at the same time, is faced with an increase in demand and workload. Companies such as TIMOCOM help solve this problem by finding vehicles.

Find vehicles with TIMOCOM

TIMOCOM wants to reduce the shortage of truck drivers with a freight exchange accessible here for anyone looking for a vehicle to fulfill international orders. On this website, you will find a comprehensive list of offers as customers can book available vehicles through our Smart Logistics System.

This system offers a search engine for vehicle offers. You can thus find an empty vehicle corresponding to your freight offer. A cost-effective and flexible solution for your business. And as a transport company, you can sell your services, i.e. make empty loading spaces available in the vehicle exchange.

The procedure is very simple because you just have to enter the country of departure and the country of destination of the vehicle as well as the type of vehicle you need (tarpaulin truck, refrigerated truck, dump truck, etc.). of a system which puts in contact the truck drivers of Europe who propose available vehicles, and the customers who must transport their goods.

Shortage of truck drivers in Europe

In times like the ones we live in today, companies like TIMOCOM help connect suppliers and customers to make it easier to find truck drivers.

Whether or not national and EU governments optimize the applicable laws, the transport of goods by land remains a key sector of the economy of all member states. It is jeopardize by the current inaction of the institutions mention, which are not proposing any measure to quickly put an end to this crisis and to set minimum standards in terms of working conditions, in a sector that is decisive for the maintenance of stability. economy and the prevention of bottlenecks for essential products.

The case of Canada is striking. Indeed, hundreds of truck drivers blocked a border crossing in the United States and thus caused millions of losses per day, in particular for the automotive sector. If the situation does not improve for the transport sector and if the search for truck drivers is not simplified in Europe, it would not be surprising if we were faced with a similar situation.

Do not hesitate to contact TIMOCOM if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you in this time of uncertainty, so that your goods arrive at their destination or so that you can fill your trucks.


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