Should You Have A Gender reveal Test For Your Unborn Child?

Should You Have A Gender reveal Test For Your Unborn Child?

A gender reveals test can reveal your newborn’s gender and show paternity and genetic makeup. People use the procedure because many feel it is safer than amniocentesis and CVS. However, this procedure is noninvasive, whereas an amniocentesis is invasive and can have risks. Also, it will include inducing labour, fetal injury, and some termination of the pregnancy.

The gender reveal test near me requires blood from the mother with fetal cells in the bloodstream. However, they isolate the Fetal DNA and will determine the gender of the fetus. It is possible as the mother’s bloodstream carries fetal DNA from the placenta through the body. Moreover, in most cases, a laboratory specialist and not a doctor do the taking of the testing and blood. Performing the gender test as early as ten weeks after conception, although some tests may show exact results as early as six weeks.

Many companies around today offer kits by mail for a DIY home gender reveal test, which you send to their lab and have the sample tested. Moreover, they are, although they all charge different charges for the gender test kits and the testing procedure.

Whether you should have a gender DNA test is controversial because it takes the thrill and joy away from birth. However, most females know that experience is the beautiful part of birth; the rest is painful. Moreover, some people may decide to end a pregnancy if the gender is wrong for what they are hoping. Terminating a healthy pregnancy as the gender is not what you want leaves numerous religious groups and abortion groups positively outraged.

During Which Pregnancy Week Is Baby’s Gender Determined?

Before, medical science was not advanced; there were plenty of old wives’ tales to forecast the gender of the baby. However, there was no logic or scientific proof; people blindly believed it for several years until medical technology gave accurate information. So, if you want to engage in some fun and guess the sex of your baby, you could try relating to some myths. But if you are anxious to know your gender reveal test, the best and most reliable way is to do it scientifically.

Some of the standard methods that doctors use to indorse the sex of the baby are:


Ultrasound is one of the most accurate methods to find out the gender of the baby. Women do the ultrasound scan usually in the first and second trimesters. High-frequency waves, which are inaudible to the human ear, create images of the baby while it is inside the uterus. The ultrasound in the second trimester – around 18 to 20 weeks- determines the baby’s sex. But here again, the result of the gender test depends on the position of the baby. If the baby crosses the legs over, the ultrasound technician will not be able to get a clear ultrasound view.


Amniocentesis is a blood test on pregnant women with a high risk of carrying a baby with a genetic or chromosomal disorder. This revealing test, done around 16 weeks of pregnancy, includes removing a small amount of the amniotic fluid by a needle inserted into the uterus. Moreover, during the chromosomal study, this gender reveals test near me revealed the sex of the baby. 

Also, the Y chromosome means it is a boy, and the absence of it means it is a baby girl. This test is known to be 100% foolproof; a mother can do this as early as 12 weeks. Also, 12 weeks is when you experience pregnancy symptoms like skin pigmentation because of a spike in hormone levels. However, movement of the uterus from the pelvis to the abdomen is slightly easing in morning sickness and vaginal discharge.

Other gender predictor methods

Moreover, the Chinese gender predictor is a fun way of finding your baby’s gender based on the old gender chart. This gender reveals test chart, believed to be more than 700 years old, uses your age at the time of conception as a reference to predict gender. Although there is no scientific proof of this revealing chart, rumours exist that this test method is 90% accurate. Therefore, it is better not to trust it and use it only for entertainment.



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