Should You Keep Or Replace Cast Iron Radiators?

Should You Keep Or Replace Cast Iron Radiators?


Cast iron radiators are among the oldest types of radiators that are still used in many homes, schools and public buildings. This is a material curated from an alloy of carbon and iron that when melted and inserted into molds can take any shape. Cast iron is also economical, resistant to wear and tear, and can be worked fairly easily. The cast iron used for heating systems has a high thickness that allows the heat to spread consistently throughout the home and hold the heat for a long time after turning off the heater.

You may come across other materials or designs that are more contemporary to cast iron radiators. Although the cast iron material provides a well-heated home, you may consider other new materials when upgrading your radiators. In this article, we at Just Rads will help you to assess if you should replace or keep your cast iron radiators.

Cast Iron Radiators Features

  1. Constant Heat

Although cast iron radiators do take longer to warm up, once on they provide a consistent, steady heat. Other metal radiant heaters inject instant blasts of heat while cast iron provides a constant and gentle warm heat, thereby making them an excellent choice for your home instead of replacing them.

  1. Long-lasting Heat

As opposed to other metal radiators such as aluminum and steel, cast iron radiators retain heat for a longer period of time, due to the higher concentration of carbon and their thicker, denser walls. Even after switching off your radiator, it will continue to heat the house whereas other metals will lose their heat quickly, thereby cooling off your house.

However, there is one con to cast iron radiators, as they take some time to heat up. Do not expect to have a warm, cozy home in a few minutes after coming in from outside. This issue however can be easily fixed with a programmable thermostat. You can program the heat for a designated time before you get home. Once your home has reached a comfortable, cozy temperature, you can turn off the heat and enjoy the continuing radiant heat for hours.

  1. Vintage, Classy Look

Cast iron radiators have an aesthetic charm typically associated with older homes. They are an extra touch that makes a house into a home. Their design represents a time when quality craftsmanship was an essential part of the process of building a home. Old Victorian homes have cast iron radiators embellished with delicate details and scrollwork.

Even if their vintage look does not align with the decor of your home, you can always paint them to match accordingly. The drawback to the classic look of cast iron radiators is their weight. Since they are so heavy, you cannot mount these radiators on a wall. They take up more space in a room as they lay next to the wall, and not mounted.

  1. Extremely Reliable

Cast iron radiators last for many years, significantly longer compared to other metal alternatives. Cast iron is extremely solid and does not chip or dent as easily as other metals. In fact, it is almost impossible to break cast iron.

There is however some maintenance to upkeep these radiators, however the cost and headache of any issues is typically low. Cast iron radiators tend to rust if you do not maintain them properly. You can get them repainted or refinished to look as good as new very easily.  Aside from rust, if ever a valve or other accessory needs changing, it is easy to fix and not too expensive.

  1. Cleanliness

Many people think cast iron radiators are difficult to clean, however with the right tools you can easily reach into the nooks of your cast iron radiator and get rid of all the dirt and grime that has accumulated. The only con is that since they are typically bigger than other radiators, cleaning may take a bit longer.

Even though cast iron radiators are one of the oldest types of heating radiators, they keep up with their contemporary alternatives. They provide a nice warm heat throughout home along with many other benefits. We at Just Rads offer a wide selection of radiators and can offer even more extensive knowledge and recommendation. Be sure to be in touch with our team for all your radiators needs and questions!

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