What Is a Weft Hair?

weft hair extensions

Wefts are either artificial or natural hair extensions fastened onto your own hair, usually through sewing or gluing. The earliest appearance of wefts dates back to around 3400 BC in ancient Egypt when human and sheep wool were dyed blue, then attached using beeswax and resin. Hair extensions are a popular choice for women with kinky, coily hair. Weaves, which are braided into your natural hair and secured to the head using either micro rings or threading, are especially popular because they can last for several weeks or months without being removed.

What Are Clip-Ins?

Clip-in hair extensions are a cute and fun way to add length and volume to your own hair with the help of some easy-to-use clips. No long-term bonding, adhesive, or sewing is required, so these extensions can be easily put in and removed in a matter of seconds. Because they’re more affordable than other methods of adding length and volume to your hair, balayage clip in hair extensions are a great option if you plan on reusing them regularly but don’t want to spend a lot of money at first.

How To Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

clip ins

For those who have never worn extensions before, clip-ins are a good place to start. Unlike traditional hair additions, clip-ins are meant to be placed on top of an existing set of tresses, rather than glued into the hair or attached with a metal weft. This versatility means that you can use them in any hairstyle or setting. Clip-ins also come without the hassle and stress of wearing wefts all day. They’re as easy to put in as they are to take out—a bonus for those with hectic schedules!

Whether you want to feel like you have longer, healthier-looking hair or need a quick way to create volume or cover your tracks, clip-in extensions for kinky, coily hair are an easy solution.


Pros of Sew in Weaves as a Protective Style

1. Add Length and Volume

Sew-in weaves are one of the most popular types of hairstyles. They’re often worn by women who have natural hair, but want to add length or volume to it. If you’re recovering from any thinning or breakage, with a weave you can transform your style from short to long, or thin to thick almost immediately.

2. They Are Very Low Maintenance

Weaves are a versatile option for those looking to achieve longer, curvier tresses. The little-to-no maintenance required with weaves ensures that they never need a refresh session, unlike extensions, which require salon visits every few months to be re-sewn into place.

Cons of Sew in Weave as a Protective Style

1. Less Access to Your Hair and Scalp

With the right tools and products, maintaining your sew-in can be easy and fun! We’ve compiled our favorite products for you to use as you maintain and enhance your particular style. The key is to keep your scalp clean, moisturized, and well cared for to avoid breakage, dryness, or itching.

2. Long Term Use Can Cause Damage to Your Hair

Although using weave can be an exciting and empowering experience, cheaper synthetic or non-natural hairs may cause damage to your natural hair as they are often processed with harmful chemicals. The tension and pulling from the cornrows on what are often sensitive areas (nape and edges) can lead to alopecia and breakage.

Which One Is Right For Me? Clip-Ins Or Sew-ins?

sew in or clip in

If you’ve heard of clip-ins, you may have started to wonder if they’re right for you. If you’ve heard of wefts, this article may have triggered the same thoughts.

First off, it’s useful to consider why people wear hair either clipped in or woven in. There are a few reasons for each:

If you have a busy lifestyle and do not have time to look after your natural hair, sew in weft hair extensions may be one of the many protective hairstyles available. Whichever protective style you choose, cultivating a solid hair care routine is essential for keeping your hair strong and healthy.


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