My travels have frequently allowed me to connect with amazing individuals, including nomads, wanderers, intellectuals, authors, and musicians. I did, however, go skiing in Piau Engaly with a Luxembourg-based friend from IIT Delhi. Rajat Khare had a strong desire to travel, and his employment at Boundary Holding had not diminished that inclination. Mr. Rajat Khare and I spoke business and travel while driving over the snow-capped mountains. He is an entrepreneur and investor in start-ups and artificial intelligence. Even though I consider myself to be really enthusiastic about skiing, this particular trip with him in March had more in store for me than I had imagined.

We made our way over the pistes, navigating across Pyrenees slopes, and enjoying the breathtaking views from Piau Engaly shortly after hiking to the French skiing slopes there.

Rajat Khare and I had a stimulating conversation on AI, living in Europe, and skiing down different mountain slopes throughout the world as we settled into our resort following our skiing excursions.

IIT Delhi graduate Rajat Khare is well recognised for co-authoring the book “Make The Move — Demystifying Entrepreneurship.” He has cofounded and exited enterprises in the education, franchising, government information technology, data analytics, and hedge fund sectors as a serial entrepreneur. He is presently in charge of Boundary Holding, which focuses on international active early stage investments. He actively practises yoga and Vipassana meditation, applying the lessons he has learned to his ventures.

Rajat has also been used as a case study in Professor Patrick Turner’s Entrepreneurship course at the INSEAD Business School. The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), the IIT Delhi Alumni Association, and the Indian Angel Network all include Rajat Khare as an active member. He has been a keynote speaker in over 20 major conferences and events across the globe.

As a guiding force, Mr. Khare has actively supported and promoted entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial endeavors all around the world. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam recognised his efforts to encourage business in 2006 at the President’s residence.

Yoga and Vipassana are the practises that have shone out in these turbulent times. Due of its numerous health benefits, this traditional practice is strongly encouraged, especially when new firms are beginning. This age-old method boosts immunity, flexibility, weight reduction, and stress alleviation.

These elements have influenced businesspeople all around the world to practice yoga and vipassana.

The founder of Boundary Holding and entrepreneur Rajat Khare was likewise a victim of the system. Up until the day he resolved to improve and change his way of life. He started by studying the fundamentals of yoga. He kept up the workouts.

Informing others about the benefits of yoga is the major goal of Khare’s Facebook page, Rajat Khare Yoga. He claims that yoga helps with mental control in addition to strengthening the body. Rajat Khare and yogic literature claim that yoga may make a person’s consciousness merge with the Universal Consciousness. Modern scientists believe that everything in the cosmos is actually a manifestation of the same quantum firmament.

Yoga helps maintain the body and the mind in shape, as one learns through practice. When making important life decisions, the former has always found vipassana to be beneficial for preserving mental serenity.







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