Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report 2022

Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report 2022

Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report 2022

Twitter has the most significant potential comprar seguidores twitter advertising audience within the United States, with a reach of 73.3 million. Japan comes in second place, with an audience of 55.55 million, followed by India (22.1 million) as well as India (22.1 million) and the UK (17.55 miHowever, inion). However, in light of its PO, it has a small reach compared to other less well-known social media sites.

Pinterest Has By Far its Highest Reach in the USA.

Pinterest has the highest potential audience for advertising within the United States, with 89.9 million. It is a long way from Brazil in second place, with an average of 27.5 million. It is followed by Mexico (14.5 million) and the UK (10.375 million).

Facebook’s Eligible Audience Reach in the Philippines is Greater Than The Entire Population

One of the most exciting statistics that come from Facebook information is that the number of people that advertisers can reach via Facebook (ages 13and over) across the Philippines is 101.5 percent of the nation’s population. Certain companies own Facebook accounts, while many users have several Facebook accounts. Some countries with smaller populations have higher percentages: Libya (104.7%) and Mongolia (105.0%).).

The numbers aren’t comparable elsewhere. However, the reach of advertisements in several other countries surpasses 90 percent of the population 13+. This includes Malaysia (92.5 percent), Mexico (92.3%), and UAE (90.3 90.3 percent).

The reach of Facebook’s advertisements within the USA is more moderate, 67.9 percent.

Globally, the mean is just 35.89 percent, and a handful of heavily densely populated countries have small proportions. They include Russia (7.3 percent), Japan (15.9%), Nigeria (22.6%), Kenya (26.2%), South Korea (28.4%), and India (29.7 percent).

Instagram’s Global Audience Reach is 20%

Instagram hasn’t yet gathered the same popularity as its older sister, but it has a global audience for advertising, reaching 20.0 percent. Like Facebook, its share of the audience is significantly different between nations. The most popular countries are Kazakhstan (78.7 percent), Brunei (70.5%), Turkey (68.4%), Iceland (66.5%), and Sweden (66.5 percent). It has a much smaller reach in Africa, such as Kenya (6.4 percent), Nigeria (6.6%), and Ghana (9.5 9 %).

Based on January 2021’s data the YouTube’s audience for advertising is divided as follows:

18-24-year-olds: Females (6.3%), Males (8.7%)

25-34-year-olds: Females (9.1%), Males (12.1%)

35-44-year-olds: Females (7.8%), Males (9.2%)

45-54-year-olds: Females (5.9%), Males (6.3%)

55-64-year-olds: Females (4.3%), Males (4.2%)

65plus year-olds 65+ year-olds: Females (4.0%)) and Males (3.7%))

This makes it quite popular throughout the years, especially for those under 50, and more frequently used by women than men, especially among younger age groups.

Engagement Rates on Social Media Platforms

Rival IQ. Found that the median engagement rate per post for businesses with Facebook pages that were active throughout 2020 was 0.08 percent. Facebook engagement is mainly similar to the prior year.

There are a lot of variations in the engagement/rate for each post when you look at it by industry, but

Influencers 0.19%

Sports Teams 0.18%

Higher Education 0.14%

Hotels and Resorts 0.14%

Alcohol 0.13%

Nonprofits 0.13%

Financial Services 0.07%

Home Decor 0.07%

Retail 0.06%

Food and Beverage 0.05%

Media 0.05%

Fashion 0.04%

Health and Beauty 0.03%

Tech and Software 0.02%

11 Posts Liked on Facebook in the Last Month on Average

A typical Facebook user has liked eleven posts within the last 30 days. Females (12) are more likely to like articles more frequently than guys (10). Females (7) also have more remarks than their male counterparts (4), with five posts per Facebook user for 30 days.

35-44-Year-Old Females Make the Most Facebook Likes

Facebook has broken up its monthly likes on posts by gender and age. 35-44-year-old women are the most frequent likers, while males older than 55 make the lowest.

18-24-year-olds: Females (10 likes), Males (11 likes)

25-34-year-olds: Females (12), Males (11)

35-44-year-olds: Females (14), Males (10)

45-54-year-olds: Females (13), Males (7)

55-64-year-olds: Females (11), Males (5)

65plus year-olds Age group: Females (8) and Males (5)

45-54-Year-Old Females Make the Most Facebook Comments

Facebook has divided its comments for its monthly posts according to gender and age. Females between 45 and 64 are the most frequent commenters, and males aged 55+ are the least prolific.

18-24-year-olds: Females (5 comments), Males (4 comments)

25-34-year-olds: Females (5), Males (4)

35-44-year-olds: Females (8), Males (5)

45-54-year-olds: Females (10), Males (4)

55-64-year-olds: Females (10), Males (3)

65plus year-olds Females (7) (3), males (3)

Facebook has divided the monthly clicks on ads by gender and age. Females aged 45-64 are the most frequent clickers on ads, while males aged 18-24 make the lowest. It’s interesting to note the degree of reluctance young people of all ages are to click on ads.

18-24-year-olds: Females (9 ad clicks), Males (8 ad clicks)

25-34-year-olds: Females (14), Males (10)

35-44-year-olds: Females (19), Males (13)

45-54-year-olds: Females (20), Males (13)

55-64-year-olds: Females (20), Males (12)

65plus year-olds Males (16) (10), Males (10)

Most Common Types of Posts Made on Facebook Pages are Link Posts


Locowise has figures for Q2 2021, which show the relative proportion of the various types of posts on the Facebook Page post. Nearly half of the posts were linked posts. The most commonly used kinds of Facebook posts include:

Link posts 43.9 Percent

Posts about photos 38.0 percent

Videos posted 16.9 percent

Status posts 1.2%

Link Posts Receive the Least Average Total Post Engagements Per Facebook Page Fan

Incredibly, the number of Facebook page post posts that are engaged compared to the overall number of page followers is nearly opposite to the most popular kinds of posts posted by Facebook pages. The mean number of post engagements against. The number of page followers for each type of post is 0.11 percent.

Status posts 0.17%

Photos posted on social media 0.16 percent

Videos posts 0.13 percent

Link posts 0.05 percent

The total engagement of a post as compared to. Fans on pages for all types of posts differ significantly by country. For example, you’re more likely to receive participation in Norway (0.34 percent) and Sweden (0.29 percent) than in Saudi Arabia (0.02%) or Romania (0.03 percent).

Engagement Rates are Higher For Smaller Facebook Pages

The average Facebook engagement rate for posts with less than 10,000 followers is 0.39 percent. It decreases to 0.22 percent for pages with 10,000-100,000 fans and 0.08 percent for pages with more than 100,000 followers. The most popular pages are populated by people who aren’t taking an active role in the page’s activity.

The Median Instagram

Rival IQ. The median engagement rate/post of companies that have Instagram Business profiles throughout 2020 was 0.98 percent. Unfortunately, Instagram engagement rates fell 25% throughout the year.

There were positive trends in Instagram engagement/ratio of posts when you look at the data the industry by industry, but

Higher Education 3.19%

Sports Teams 1.79%

Influencers 1.42%

Nonprofits 1.41%

Alcohol 1.17%

Food and Beverage 1.06%

Hotels and Resorts 1.01%

Tech and Software 1.00%

Financial Services 0.85%

Media 0.82%

Home Decor 0.70%

Retail 0.60%

Fashion 0.51%

Health and Beauty 0.51%

Instagram Business Accounts are Link Posts

Locowise also released figures illustrating the proportion of every kind of Instagram Business Account posts in the second quarter of 2021. Nearly two-thirds of the posts posted were photos. The most popular kinds that Instagram business accounts posted Account posts included:

Photos on the internet 63.6 percent

Videos posted 16.9 percent

Carousel posts 19.4%

Additionally, the proportion of carousel-themed has increased in recent months.

Firstly, Carousel Posts Have the Highest Engagement Rates on Instagram

Secondly, According to Locowise data, carousel-style posts average an engagement percentage of 1.01 percent in Instagram corporate accounts. Thirdly, The average is 0.81 percent for photo posts and 0.61 percent for videos. For all types of posts is 0.82 percent. Moreover, The higher engagement levels could be among the primary factors behind the rise in the popularity of carousel posts in recent years.

Engagement Rates

A typical Instagram post’s engagement rate for accounts of businesses with less than 10,000 subscribers is 1.18 percent. The figure falls to 0.94 percent for accounts for businesses with 10,000 to 100,000 followers and 0.73 percent for accounts with over 100,000 subscribers.

The Median Twitter Engagement Rate / Post is 0.045%

Rival IQ. The average engagement rate/post of companies who have Twitter Profiles that date back to 2020 was 0.045 percent.

Moreover, There were positive trends in the engagement/rate per post when you look at the industry by sector. However, specific industries, such as Hotels and Resorts, Media, Retail Tech, and Software, boosted their engagement rates.

Higher Education 0.087%

Sports Teams 0.071%

Food and Beverage 0.068%

Alcohol 0.062%

Financial Services 0.058%

Nonprofits 0.055%

Hotels and Resorts 0.049%

Retail 0.049%

Influencers 0.036%

Health and Beauty 0.031%

Home Decor 0.028%

Fashion 0.027%

Tech and Software 0.027%

Media 0.012%

Posting Frequency on Social Media Platforms

Brands Average 5.5 Posts Per Week on Facebook

Firstly, The average number of posts that companies post every week on Facebook is 5.5, a slight decrease from the previous year. Secondly, Not surprisingly, media companies post several times higher posts than others of content:

Media 53.5

Sports Teams 18.9

Nonprofits 9.2

Higher Education 6.8

Retail 6.1

Tech and Software 5.5

Fashion 5.4

Influencers 4.9

Health and Beauty 4.9

Financial Services 4.6

Home Decor 4.5

Hotels and Resorts 3.2

Alcohol 2.8

Food and Beverage 2.5

Brands Average 4.0 Posts Per Week on Instagram

Firstly, The average number of posts made by brands every month on Instagram is 4.0 and is down just 8% over the previous year. Secondly, Teams that play sports have a higher average of posts than others, while media organizations aren’t making posts to Instagram at the same rate as Facebook.

Sports Teams 10.2

Fashion 6.7

Media 6.5

Health and Beauty 6.4

Retail 5.5

Home Decor 4.5

Nonprofits 4.0

Influencers 3.6

Higher Education 2.9

Hotels and Resorts 2.9

Alcohol 2.8

Financial Services 2.7

Food and Beverage 2.7

Tech and Software 1.9

Brands Average

Moreover, The average amount of tweets companies post every week on Twitter is 4.4, down around 20% from last year’s. However, media firms and sports teams typically have more tweets than others.

Media 52.7

Sports Teams 35.7

Nonprofits 11.1

Higher Education 9.6

Tech and Software 8.2

Financial Services 5.9

Influencers 3.7

Fashion 2.4

Food and Beverage 2.2

Retail 2.0

Alcohol 1.8

Home Decor 1.8


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