Some Benefits of Shopify Plus

Some Benefits of Shopify Plus

Some Benefits of Shopify Plus: In 2016, Shopify Plus stores experienced a 126 percent increase in sales, demonstrating that Shopify Plus is an outstanding e-commerce tool that allows the brand to remain agile, cost-effective, and reliable. Shopify Plus brings autonomy and freedom to brands with unlimited bandwidth, reliable servers, and full payment compliance. This allows you as a brand to rely less on IT issues and spend more time doing what you do best, which is building amazing products and great customer service. Here are a few ways Shopify Plus can add value to your brand.

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Complete Customization

Shopify offers some of the coolest websites on the internet today. Websites are responsive in design and automatic without any effort on your part. You then have the option to customize your theme to any degree you wish. You can change the home page content, layout, menus, colors, and typography.

For big brands looking to stay competitive and exclusive. Shopify Plus can provide a unique website theme designed to suit your brand’s specific needs with CSS and full JavaScript control. With this feature, you can create any website you want and implement optimization techniques, including in the checkout section of your site.

High Traffic Optimization

Shopify Plus offers Launchpad, which is purely designed to handle high volume traffic when you want to launch a product, make bulk store changes, or offer an instant sale. You will have the ability to schedule various events, including changes to specific themes and the display of special prices for certain inventory. Therefore, you can lock down your store for a specific amount of time to create buzz around your event. You can also use captchas during the checkout process to prevent annoying bots from infiltrating your events. In addition, you will have access to a real-time analytics dashboard to see how your event is being tracked.

Sophisticated App Integration

With Shopify, you already have a wide range of features you need to run an online store. As your website grows, you may want to integrate some sophisticated features into your business. With Shopify partnering with over 1100 developers, the integration process is even easier. Apps are securely reviewed by the Shopify team. You can also rate apps with a star rating system to easily determine which apps are best for companies like yours. With Shopify Plus, you get higher API limits, allowing you to do more with ERP and app integrations.

Shopify Pay Integration

Shopify Pay is an incredible tool that allows customers to save payment and shipping information, allowing for faster checkout when they return to your site. This tool simplifies the checkout process by reducing form input from 16 fields to two. This is a huge advantage for mobile conversion.

Final Thoughts

Shopify plus is beneficial for e-commerce platforms that need unlimited bandwidth, reliable servers, and full payment compliance; no wonder why so many top eCommerce brands have made the switch and achieved brilliant results. If you need help setting up your Shopify Plus website, contact us today. We will be happy to help.


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