Starting an Eyelash Extensions Business in Columbus,

Starting an Eyelash Extensions Business in Columbus,

If you are thinking about starting an Eyelash Extensions business, there are a few things you should know. First of all, you’ll need to register an assumed business name. Whether you’re using a DBA, LLC, or Corporation, you need to file a business name certificate to be able to operate under that name.

Uptown Lash & Body

Uptown Lash & Body is proud of its clean and sanitary work. The spa uses only the best products for lash extensions and offers a wide variety of service options. As with natural lashes, your extensions will shed with time. If you want to maintain your eyelash extensions, you can have fill-ins done every two to three weeks. Each lash service includes a collagen eye treatment, your choice of service, and a lash fill-in.

The spa also offers custom facials and brow treatments. A luxurious uptown facial includes a double cleanse, steam, customized treatment, mask, SPF, and a microcurrent infusion of serums. A customized facial with this special treatment also removes dead skin. Uptown Lash & Body also provides waxing and lash services.

The spa uses top-quality products to perform Columbus eyelash extensions. They also use organic ingredients for the best results. After the initial service, you can get fill-ins every two to three weeks, and you can retain your eyelash extensions for up to two years.

Lash Lounge Columbus – Polaris

Lash Lounge, the Columbus-area salon offering eyelash extensions, is opening their first location at 2021 Polaris Parkway on August 3. The new salon is hoping to offer customers a luxurious escape that’s both affordable and convenient, all while delivering an attentive service and an excellent price-point. With the growing popularity of lash extensions throughout the country, Lash Lounge is hoping to set itself apart from the competition.


Microblading is a popular cosmetic procedure for adding eyelash extensions to the eyes. It is a nonsurgical process, and the procedure lasts for up to six weeks. Most clients can wear their new lashes while they shower, sleep, and even chop onions. In addition to eyelash extensions, microblading is also a great choice for people who are looking to improve the look of their face without the pain and mess of eyelash extensions.

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that can cover scars, fill in gaps, and define an arch. In addition, microblading can greatly improve the overall look of the eyes. It is important to choose a highly skilled technician when getting this procedure, because improper application can create an unnatural look and make the eyes look larger.

Other incorporation

If you have an idea of starting an Eyelash Extensions business in Columbus, you might want to consider incorporating or forming a Other llc. Both will protect you from personal and civil liability. Forming an llc or incorporating your business will only cost you $49 plus state fees. It will protect your business name, but you will not need to file your business name in Columbus.

In the State of Georgia, you must have a business license or an EIN to sell wholesale items. A sole proprietorship can be run by one person, but a corporation needs a minimum of two members. In addition, you must have a business license, which is required for all businesses. And if you plan to sell eyelash extensions to consumers, you will also need a seller’s permit.

Business license

As a Columbus eyelash extension business owner, you will need a business license to operate. There are several steps involved, which include a trade name registration, legal publication in the newspaper for four weeks, and incorporation. This process is generally inexpensive and will protect you from civil and personal liability. Additionally, you will need to set up a bank account for your Columbus business.

First, you must obtain a state license. A state license is a legal designation, granted by the state’s Board of Cosmetology. It requires a certain amount of education, which can range from 500 to two thousand classroom hours. In addition, you must pass a state-approved test to show that you have mastered the procedures. Having a cosmetology license will help you get the proper training, including training in eyelash extensions.


When you want a more natural look but still want to achieve a glam look, eye lash extensions are an excellent option. Your natural lashes shed every 90 days, so a new set is needed every two or three weeks to fill in the gaps. Lash extensions help your natural lashes look longer and more beautiful. They can also help you achieve a more awake look by lifting your lashes.


If you’re tired of spending hours on your beauty routine, you might want to consider Columbus eyelash extensions. They’re a great way to improve your look while saving you time and money. Plus, they’re painless. In fact, most people can get them without any problems.

The initial set of eyelash extensions will cost anywhere from $75 to $300, and you’ll likely need a refill about every two to four weeks. Each fill will cost between $50 and $150. The cost of an initial set of extensions can range from $100 to $300, and it can take about an hour and a half for each appointment.

A good eyelash extension technician will be knowledgeable about any risks involved in eyelash extensions. This is an important factor in choosing an esthetician. You should also ask about any possible allergies you may have. If you’re allergic to cats or other animal fur, you should avoid getting eyelash extensions. Moreover, you should consult with your esthetician about any glue they use.


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