Steps to Improve English Grammar

Steps to Improve English Grammar

Grammar may seem like a fun game. People who are well-versed in English try to learn grammar intuitively. However, many struggles with the different elements of grammar like tenses, sentences, clauses and so on. However, learning and improving your English grammar does not require much effort if you can follow some tips. Below we put forward the twelve best tips to learn & improve English grammar and English Homework Help.

Steps to Improve English Grammar

  1. Make a commitment

You need to be self-motivated when you are learning a new thing and English is no exception. If you intend of learning it, make a commitment and stick by it.

  1. Keep a grammar book handy

Always carry a pocketbook for grammar with you. That will allow you to revise what you have learnt in class and check every time you have any doubt while conversing in general.

  1. Install a grammar app

Nowadays, everyone owns a smart phone. Make the most use of it. Install any dictionary app and a grammar app from the app store. You can use it in your free time or while commuting.

  1. Practice every day

One of the best ways to hone your grammar skills is by solving grammar exercises whenever possible. Taking help from your teacher will also help you understand the rules of English grammar. Seek guidance from them to confirm your answers and ask them to explain in detail if you do not understand. Don’t skip out on taking notes during classes and religiously complete all your homework. You may also take Cheap Homework Help as well.

English grammar mastery also involves the acquisition of five critical skills sets –

  • Reading
  • Thinking
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Make every opportunity count in your daily life to sharpen these skills.

  1. Learn new words

Maintain a diary to note down any new words you encounter. You can find and learn new words every day, everywhere. When you have a diary on you, you can write them down in that instant. Not only that, now you have a documented list of them which you can try to use again in a conversation. The English professors and experts advise the students to set a target for themselves to learn ten new words every day.

  1. Read more in English

This is one step you must not skip if you want to improve your grammar. Reading helps you to visualize how grammar works. Begin by choosing something that interests you. You will be more eager to read something that you are interested in.

Look out for magazines, books, or newspaper articles that suit your requirements. There is a chance that you may stumble upon new words every time you read. Understand the ‘tone’ used by the writer and observe how a writer deals with different grammar aspects. If you find any new word which you cannot understand, ask your teacher, or google it yourself.

  1. Listen more in English

Shed the idea that you can learn English only in the classroom. You can learn English every day, all the time by listening and looking at what is happening around you. You may find a billboard or a hoarding on the street, in the supermarket on the bus or on a train. Keep your ears and eyes open. You will be amazed how you can learn better English just by improving your observation skills.

  1. Communicate in English with your teacher and friends

You must always try to carry your usual daily conversation with your friends and teachers in English. The more you will converse in English, the more practise you will get. When you use conversational English with your teacher and peers, you will develop a better understanding of grammar rules like tenses, voices, irregular verbs, regular verbs and pronouns.

  1. Watch English movies or TV series

This is another unconventional yet effective method of learning English. We now live in a generation where we prefer digital and visual aids to learn things instead of books. So, watching English movies and tele series can be a smart way of improving your English. If you cannot keep up with the accent or speed watch it with subtitles. You must note how the characters are using tenses, language, verbs and subjects.

  1. Write more in English

You have to write a diary every day. Also write occasional letters to your friends. You can improve your English grammar through writing practice. Write as much as you can in class.  You can also write for your own enjoyment outside your class assignments. One smart tip for you to practise writing is writing your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts in English. You can leave comments, replies in English instead of in your native language.

  1. Understand the logic behind a grammar rule

There must always be logic behind a grammar rule. If you have made any errors previously, note down all those rules. Introspect and try to figure out why a particular sentence or a word is getting implemented in the way it is. If you understand the logic, you will remember that for life and it’s unlikely that you will make that same mistake again.

  1. Ask your teacher for extra help

Don’t shy away from asking your teacher about anything you are not clear about. Your teachers are there to assist you in learning and they are the best person to help you with doubtful areas. They will help you identify where you need to work more and take homework writer help you to improve those skills.

Parting Thoughts:

English is a language that has a global requirement and is considered as the standard business language across the world. So, it is absolutely essential that you learn how to improve your English grammar for overall career education. However tricky it may seem, learning how to speak and write better English isn’t really tough and you need to follow these twelve simple steps to improve your English grammar.


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