The Best Fantasy browser games for the PC

The Best Fantasy browser games for the PC

The following are the Fantasy browser games for the PC in 2022.


The Sword Masters Online dilogy is base on the anime universe of the same name, which tells about ordinary video game lovers who involuntarily get in virtual reality. Now they are force to live in the fantasy world of Aincrad, the rules of which they have long been familiar with. Except for one thing – death here means death in reality.

After creating a hero, the player will plunge into the fantasy universe and meet familiar heroes (Kirito, Asuna and others), experience exciting adventures and assemble a team to fight monsters. The gameplay is not much different from other browser-base RPGs, and the game is primarily intend for those who are familiar with the original source.



Our selection is replenish with another anime game – One Piece: New World . It opens the colorful world of pirates that are chasing a mysterious treasure that will make its owner a real king. Assuming the role of one of the adventurers, you will assemble a team of One Piece characters and challenge other pirates who are also trying to find the treasure.

The game boasts dynamic team battles, over 50+ familiar heroes and various game mechanics ( crafting , equipment upgrades, arena battles, dungeon crawls).



A popular fantasy-style browser-based MMORPG that offers you to immerse yourself in a fabulously beautiful world called the Kingdom of the Constellations. The player takes on the role of a classic hero, chosen by the higher powers to protect this world from the hordes of demons that drag their filthy paws towards the Kingdom and all its inhabitants. The classic fantasy setting is combine with the usual MMORPG gameplay, consisting of continuous dungeon clearing and boss battles.



Browser strategy game with castle building and endless battles against other players. In fact, Wars of Thrones does not offer anything new for the genre of browser strategies, but still the game leaves a pleasant impression due to an interesting fantasy setting.

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Those who were dissatisfied with the ending of the drifting games unblocked will rejoice – the events of Game of Thrones : Conquest unfold a little earlier, so Daenerys is not yet in danger of madness, and Jon is accused of betrayal. But the dragons have already managed to fly to Westeros, and the army of the Others is already on its way to destroy all life.

The player also has to get at his disposal a dilapidate castle, which must be restore, infrastructure establishe, train warriors and try to seize the possessions of one of the Great Houses, and then the Iron Throne itself.



This game offers all the fun of classic MMORPGs and even a bit of strategy. The plot of the plot is typical for the genre – evil has invaded the world, and your heroes must defeat it. In parallel with the passage of the story campaign and the development of the character, you will also take care of the prosperity of your possessions. When the last boss is defeated, it’s time to recover from a large-scale guild war, take part in a siege, or try to become famous in the PvP arena drifting games unblocked.




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