The right way, benefits and precautions to do Bhekasana yoga

The right way, benefits and precautions to do Bhekasana yoga

The word Bhekasana is made up of two Sanskrit language. The first word is bhek which means frog while the second word asana means ‘to sit’. The combined meaning of both the words is to sit like a frog. In Bhekasana, the back is stretched by turning it backwards. To do this, a lot of flexibility and strength is needed in the spine of the central part of the body. Its continuous practice strengthens the ankles, knees and ankles.


What is Bhakasan?

Bhekasana is considered a yoga posture of moderate difficulty in the science of yoga. To do this asana, the body has to be bent backwards. That is why it is included in the advanced level asanas of back bend. The practice of Bhekasana is not that simple either. But the benefits of doing it are many.

Bhekasana Your lower back, biceps and triceps

Strengthens the core (abs), toes and ankles, knees, quadriceps.

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Benefits of doing Bhakasan:

1. Activates the Adrenal Gland

The practice of Bhekasana or frog posture brings deep stretch and pressure on the upper abdomen, while the balance created to perform this asana activates the adrenal gland or gland located above the kidney. These glands are of great use to us when we suddenly need to do very hard work, such as running to catch a train or flight.

2. Improve the functioning of the pancreas

Pancreas or pancreas is located just below the stomach and it helps to send digestive juices or digestive enzymes to the small intestine, the pancreas itself secretes a hormone called insulin, lower abdomen or lower abdomen during the practice of Bhekasana Insulin excretion increases due to pressure and stretching.

3. Improve the Reproductive System

By doing Bhekasana, there is a deep stretch in the lower abdomen. Due to which the internal organs of the stomach work well, along with this our genitals also start becoming active and the level of hormones in the body also starts to be balanced.

4. Stiffens the Quadriceps

During the practice of Bhekasana, deep stretch comes on the quadriceps (shin) and upper thighs, this stretch not only opens up these muscles. Rather, along with getting stronger, they also become tough, if you want strong legs then practice Bhekasana, this asana is also very beneficial for athletes.

5. Improves The Digestive System

By putting the entire weight of the body on the lower part of the stomach, this part gets a light massage from within, this not only strengthens our digestive system but also increases its working capacity.

6. Increases Breathability

In Bhekasana, the body is turned backwards and even after this, to keep the body in balance, full pressure is put on the upper part of the chest, this increases the working capacity of the chest muscles and increases the ability to breathe. Improvement comes.

Increase muscle strength of hands, shoulders and chest.

In Bhekasana, there is a need to keep a lot of control and balance on the body, this puts pressure on the muscles of the upper body especially the hands, chest and shoulders, it gives deep stretch and massage to the muscles of the body, with regular practice they Stamina also starts increasing.


Method of doing Bhakasan:

  • Lie on the yoga mat on your stomach and slowly raise your head.
  • The upper body will rest on your forearm, after which slowly bend the right knee.
  • With this the heel will come near the hips.
  • Holding the left leg with both hands, bring it to the hips, move your elbow towards the sky.
  • Simultaneously, keep your hands on your feet.
  • Slowly raise the chest upwards.
  • Do not rush, do these steps very comfortably and start taking deep breaths.
  • Remain in this posture for 45 to 60 seconds.
  • After this, start loosening the body very comfortably.
  • After this, lie down on the ground on your stomach and rest.
  • When the breathing becomes normal, practice this asana 2-3 more times.

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