Expecting parents are often eager to know the gender of their baby. Gender reveal parties offer a family celebration of the gender reveal information. Usually, these parties include games and competitions between team-boy and team-girl. The gender reveal parties also have colorful surprise reveals via confetti or pop-ups, smoke, or balloons. The blood work for gender reveal comprises NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing) is used for gender reveal. The NIPT test is available to the expecting mother at the beginning of 10 weeks of pregnancy. The NIPT is a screening test that can tell the parents if they are having a boy or a girl.

People are always looking for more artistic ways to celebrate a gender reveal. Traditional gender reveals includes a cake with blue or pink sweets hidden inside. A pink or blue confetti-filled piñata or a guest is wearing a hat to reveal a pink or blue wig. But then again, more dramatic and potentially dangerous announcements are becoming more and more common. Therefore these include:

  • fireworks,
  • smoke grenades, and
  • burnouts

The gender reveal parties have become a mini-industry over the years. However, it was not until the explosion of social and digital media platforms. Since the social media hype, gender reveals parties have observed a growing trend.

The growing perception of gender-reveal parties

The gender reveals parties have increased dependence on medical technology. In addition, these gender reveals parties may be the growing reason for traditional superstitions about pregnancy. A common criticism of gender-reveal parties is that these parties do not necessarily celebrate the mother’s pregnancy. Instead, the gender reveals party reinforces conventional gender expectations for the child even before birth.

Increasing fear or gender-reveal parties

Since the internet is a competitive place, people on Instagram are seeking clamor for an extra bit of attention. People are celebrating anything at the cost of their safety. They snubbed to rest on their glories. People bring with them:

  • Bath bombs,
  • Pipe bombs,
  • Gender reveals piñata,
  • Guns and small explosives (Fireworks),
  • Deadly animals.

A sense of imminent danger reigned. Gender reveals has become more elaborate and more explosive over the years. People are inadvertently building pipe bombs packed with high explosives in chase of a blue or a pink cloud therefore so they surprise their family members by gender-reveal. Accidents happen, but people may avoid crossing the road. However They can undoubtedly avoid dumb devastations off the back of life-threatening gender-revealing practices.

Why gender-reveal parties?

Gender reveals parties are celebrated at an earlier phase in pregnancy. A gender reveals party officially declares whether the expected mom will be giving birth to a boy or a girl. Most of the time, this gender-reveal will be a bombshell for the couple themselves. Around 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is generally possible to tell the sex of the baby.

Some parents usually ask the sonographer (a person who performs ultrasound) to write down “a boy” or “a girl” on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. Parents give this to a trusted friend or a family member who organizes their gender-reveal party. Guests repeatedly demonstrate their gender reveals predictions by wearisome pink or blue.

These gender revealed parties are trendy in the United States. Now a day, gender-reveal parties are a growing trend in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Online survey reports showed an 87% increase in gender reveals related products over the past three years. These gender reveals products have attributed the obsession to social media and trending videos.

In the meantime, a thriving industry has emerged endorsing and boosting gender reveals. With the launch of visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram in 2010, Social media fired up an upward trend in gender reveals. Custom cakes, party materials, confetti cannons, smoke bombs, and t-shirts are designed to create the perfect digital and social media environment.

These virtual display places have stimulated parents to participate in sharing their pregnancy details. In addition, parents post photos and stories about their children. Eventually, therefore these gradually common gender reveals align perfectly with the values of digital consumer culture. It is the culture that is constantly scrolling for the next best thing.


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