The Ultimate Guide To Determining Your Custom Packaging Needs

The Ultimate Guide To Determining Your Custom Packaging Needs

“Celebrate A New Packaging With A New Twist.”

At its primary level, product packaging defends the product inside. Packaging must keep the luxurious product safe during shipment between the manufacturing facility and the retailer and stop harm while the product sits on the shelf.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Custom Packaging!

What Type Of Packaging Do You Need?

Once you know what kind of packaging you want, packaging buying begins. You may or may not know what kind of packaging you need. However, a fantastic place to start is with your participants (if you have any).

What Are Your Competitors Using?

Is it conceivable to use other kinds of packaging? For instance, if your competitors use poly bags, could you use a box instead? There could be different advantages (or possibly disadvantages) in opting for a packaging kind that is not the norm – top things to consider are:

  1. Will this packaging category degrade or improve product perception in the eyes of the consumer?
  2. Will this packaging kind protect your product more or less?
  3. Do you think this packaging kind causes your product to be more or less problematic or costly to ship?
  4. Will this packaging type be reliable with your brand’s social values and environmental impact (if applicable).

We’ve seen companies go against the grain and choose alternative packaging for their goods for various reasons, only to have all their participants follow suit later on. So choosing dissimilar packaging can be a powerful, market-shifting decision. It is worthy of some significant consideration.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging

Types Of Packaging

There Are Four Broad Categories Of Packaging:

  • Boxes
  • Bags 
  • Plastic Thermoform Packaging (Blister Packs, Clamshells)
  • Bottles / Jars / Containers / Tins

Choosing The Right Packaging Style

So once you choose the “type” of packaging you want, you want to decide on the “style.” 

Here Are Some Top Ideas To Support You In Find The Right Style.

  1. Using google images to search for custom packaging styles. Search for custom packaging type, i.e., “folding cartons” or “paperboard boxes” This should produce images of folding cartons in an assortment of styles. Save photos of the ones you like and are concerned about so you can refer to them when cooperating with a packaging manufacturer.
  2. Look in market stores or online stores like Amazon for packaging ideas and save photos of the ones you like.
  3. If you still fear finding the right packaging style, sketch it and define it as much as possible. You may be inventing a new style; who knows?

Packaging Styles 

  • Rigid box styles
  • Folding carton styles
  • Corrugated box styles
  • Bottles and jars styles

“Get Artistic Work For Your Products.”

Deciding On Your Volume

It is essential to have an estimated packaging volume ready for when you proceed to the next phases of the packaging buying process. Contacting ” What is your packaging volume?” for every business will be one of their initial questions. The more complex the volume, the more inexpensive it will be for you and the more attractive you will be to packaging manufacturers. But don’t exaggerate your importance as the price quote will be based on that exaggeration and will not be helpful to you. It is also not worth promising future brands in the form of reorders to get a price break. They’ve heard that one a million times.

  • Do you anticipate moving a lot of products quickly? – Be honest, not just hopeful.
  • Do you have a seller already interested in purchasing your product?
  • Are your sales expectations proven or abstract?
  • Do you have preorders in want of fulfillment?
  • Custom Packaging
    Custom Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Considerations

Speaking of customer expectations – sustainable, environmentally aware packaging continues to be a growing concern for many clients, retail markets, and governments. And this phenomenon will only become more dominant with social media’s gigantic and global influence. 

Do You Require A Prototype?

You might need a packaging prototype if you need to make a presentation to investors, retail buyers, or an upcoming trade show. A custom packaging prototype is a mock-up example of what the packaging would look like if it were mass-produced.

Fundamentally, it serves as a representation of what the packaging will look like.


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