The Ultimate Sariska Tiger Reserve Tourism and Travel Guide

The Ultimate Sariska Tiger Reserve Tourism and Travel Guide

Excited to Explore Sariska Reserve?  To make you journey more delightful, here is a detailed Sariska Tiger Reserve Tourism and Travel guide.

Let’s start this ultimate journey…

Sariska is an admired and most like tourist destination in Rajasthan and primarily known for its Tiger reserve. Sariska is about 110 km from Jaipur and a significant weekend gateway from Delhi as well.

Beautiful grasslands, dry deciduous forests, cliffs and rocky landscape are the fascinating part of Sariska terrain. The Aravalli mountain ranges surround the park which is covered with thick forests. Scores of Tigers, langurs, nilgais and huge variety of birds can be seen here in Sariska Park.

Other than this Sariska is also surrounded by places of historical interest, temples and monuments like Bhangarh Fort, Ajaibgarh and Pratapgarh and are also worth a visit. Sariska Ntaional Park covers an area of around 850sq km.

Best Time to Visit Sariska national park

Sariska national park is open about whole year but the best time to visit as a tourist is from October to April.

As we all know Rajsthan is a desert state and it is searing hot in summers, but if you want to explore that too than tour sariska accordingly clothed and water bottles. In summers there are chances to see deer, tigers or leopards near water holes where animal come to drink.

If we talk about Monsoon, Rajasthan does not get severe rainfall. You will get scanty rainfall from July to September. Post monsoon it will be best to visit this beautiful greenly place from October to November when the weather gets cooler.

Winter from December to April turns chilly and you need woollen clothes for the cold nights of December and January. You can see scores of migrating birds along with kingfishers, parakeets and sunbirds. Sariska turns eye-catching in winter.

Places to Visit in Sariska

There are number of places to visit in Sariska Reserve like ancient Hindu temples of Shiva and the God Hanuman, Jain temple, a castle that dates back to the Mughal rule, another castle that has a mysterious legend of spirits behind it. Its better to do advance sariska safari booking.

It is an enchanting blend of natural, man-made and the mysticals. There are lots of pristine manmade waterways that are overrun by crocodiles and migrating water birds. Sariska also famous for ancient monuments, haunted forts, ruins of temples and beautiful lakes.

Things to do in Sariska

Sariska has great many things to do and explore more about culture and heritage. With planned trip you can explore astounding things here, like-

  • Jeep Safari
  • Trekking
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Explore Historical heritage
  • Take a tour of Haunted Forts
  • Take pleasure of Waterfalls

This land blessed with lots of attractions, charm and authenticity. Journey can become more pleasant when you have better planning and a complete guidance and support. Therefore to start a hazel-free journey, hire a prominent travel agency that helps you to explore everything with an ease and make you comfortable with anything.

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