Things to do in new york to Casablanca – some best reasons to visit!

Things to do in new york to Casablanca – some best reasons to visit!

People often overlook New york to Casablanca as a travel destination since most tourists sidestep Morocco’s largest city. However, people usually move on to Marrakech and Fes. So, instead of immediately skipping on a train or joining flights. It is worth spending at least a day or two discovering things to do in Casablanca. So, there are some great reasons to visit new york to Casablanca morocco, where you can find great food, exploration, street life, and many more.


In Morocco, Marrakech is one of the most modern cities. The destination of choice for the fashionable set visiting there. However, new york to Casablanca still has enough affordable and trendy restaurants to be a cookery destination of its own. One famous hot spot is Blend, a burger restaurant where you may have difficulty getting a table during prime eating hours. 

Are you searching for something more refined when you visit Casablanca? Therefore, make a reservation at the upscale waterfront creation Le Cabestan and ask for a table by the water. 

Cabestan Casablanca

For weekend brunch, visit La Scala, which serves fresh juices and traditional Moroccan foods in an attractive outdoor setting within old fortress walls.


If you are visiting Casablanca, Mosque Hassan II provides the rare opportunity to take a tour. However, sitting on the Atlantic Ocean edge, it is one of the world’s largest mosques and Morocco’s top architectural wonder. 

Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca

Tours are offered in numerous languages daily, except on Fridays. Visitors to Mosque Hassan II can dress conservatively and respectfully and bring a pair of socks, as you will be required to remove your shoes for part of the tour. So, you can visit various mosques while traveling from new york to Casablanca morocco. 


Active downtown Casablanca will leave you feeling like you walked into a time machine. French architects who contained the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century took over Casablanca, and there are plenty of historic structures to see. However, some are unfortunately in crumbling disrepair while others are well-maintained. 

Art Deco buildings in Casablanca

The top place to take in the sights is Boulevard Mohammed V, where you can trek alongside Casablanca’s brand-new tram. However, the street eventually leads to Place des Nations Unies, a large and full square surrounded by restaurants, shops, and offices. Take a tour of new york to Casablanca morocco, including the art deco buildings in a vintage sidecar.

Casablanca Art Deco

Other notable locations to see Moroccan architecture in Casablanca include the Grande Poste. Moreover, it consists of the Banque d’Etat, the clock tower of the Wilaya, and the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, which is no longer an operative church.


If you are looking for a stylish hotel in Casablanca, Morocco, check out the following places to stay;

In the core of the Art Deco district of Casablanca, Le Doge is a hotel gem where reality and sophistication are essential. People carry the building’s 30s architecture through interior décor and the conservation of central elements.

Hotel and Spa Le Doge Casablanca is a luxury resort 10 minutes from the busy city center, with around 186 guest rooms, an outdoor pool, and the city’s finest spas.


While there are more historical and eye-catching medinas in Marrakech and Fes, the Casablanca medina is worth checking out simply. If you doubt what to do in New York to Casablanca, the markets certainly deal a rare glance into the life of the city’s residents.

To discover Casablanca with a local, take this half-day tour of Casablanca that comprises the markets and medina.

Oranges in Casablanca

Marche Central is a better shopping destination to visit (even if you are not shopping). This buzzing street market was initially deliberate for Europeans, but today it caters to both ex-pats and Moroccans. If you like seafood, you can choose a freshly caught fish and then take it around to a grill to enjoy it cooked to perfection. 



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