Three Ways to Dress for a Beach Wedding As a Guest

Three Ways to Dress for a Beach Wedding As a Guest

Having aspirations for a perfect themed wedding with a set destination is a dream for everyone. So imagine the delight of being invited to a beach wedding that takes place under the sun as you walk around the beach feeling the sand grain beneath your feet.

No matter how beautiful the thought of attending a beach wedding is, the most daunting task to prepare for it is your outfit for the occasion.

For example, you cannot walk to a beach wedding wearing a formal dress that’s too heavy and restricts you from moving around too much.

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Before we dive into this discussion, let’s see the things that you should consider as a guest while going to a beach wedding.

Things to Avoid When Attending a Beach Wedding

Don’t dress too heavily:

Yes, a wedding is an occasion where you get the chance to show off a luxurious beaded dress. However, this is not the case for a beach wedding. Because you are directly under the sun, attire too heavy will get you cooked in under an hour.

Dressing up lightly and in something soft and airy is the key.

Avoid Heels:

Quite easily the most logical thing you will do at a beach wedding. Cause who wants to walk on the sand in a 4-inch heel? The best option for you, in that case, are flat sandals.

Don’t Wear Dark Tones:

Sun tends to absorb darker shades and while a black dress is a statement stylish look for any wedding, for the beach, it’s a recipe for disaster. Avoid darker tones that will cause you to sweat through your dress and ruin a fun filled day. Go for lighter and pastel shades instead.

To make things simple for you, here are several fashionable ways to dress up at a beach wedding without giving up on the trendy and chic aspect of your style.

Style with a Maxi

A maxi sundress is perfect for a summer beach wedding. They are elegant, light and easy to handle. Avoid mini dresses for good measure, so you don’t encounter any windy mishaps at the wedding.

Sundresses allow a fair amount of room to breathe, walk and carry the dress quickly. You can wear a low patterned neck and style it with a head scarf.

And you can even add in some light jewelry such as studded earrings or a thin necklace to complete the elegant look of your attire.

Go With Silk or Linen

The weather at the beach is humid and will cause you to break into a sweat. So perhaps avoid fabrics like velvet or chiffon and go for lighter material such as cotton, linen, or silk, so it is easier for you to carry it and won’t cause you to heat up from the sun.

Silk fabrics are perfect for every formal occasion because they are elegant and easy to handle. Style a silk dress with flat sandals and a small clutch to go with it.

Carry Sunglasses With You

You know you want to enjoy the view when the bride walks down the aisle. No amount of scorching sun should stop you. So carry a chic pair of sunglasses in your purse so you can just put them on and won’t have to squint to get the perfect view of the bride and the groom.

If you follow and avoid the above mentioned things to pair up your perfect beach wedding look, you will get heads turning your way in no time.


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