Top 5 Lake Trek In India

Top 5 Lake Trek In India

Lake treks are a different experience in itself you will see the nature and life around a lake, you will enjoy the silence of the lake, the lake will make your mind peaceful like its water. Here are the top 5 best picks for you.

Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake is a freshwater lake, situated in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 2934 metres. This trek has its own culture of locals, wildlife and animals. The mountains behind the lake make the view even more beautiful. The freshwater comes from the Dhauladhar ranges when the ice melts. The lake is also known as Kumarwah Lake. 

The best time to visit the lake is during wintertime as the lake is fully surrounded by snow and during the peak winter, the lake is frozen also. But the lake is beautiful all the time you can go on this trek.

Kedartal Trek

Kedartal trek is a lake that is frozen during the winter or we can say most of the year it is a type of glacial lake, situated at a height of 4750 meters above sea level, I can say that this is one of the best lakes in India and beast trek of all in India. It is a 7 days trek and away from any town or small habitat, and the route is tough as it is tough but it will give you the return the best return. 

The best time to visit this trek is during May to june 

Beas Kund Trek

It is situated at an altitude of 3700 meters it is quite famous as Beas river originated and flows through the Manali valleys route for this trek is scattered around the valleys and from easy to moderate level of trek route this lakes water spread from this lake and give life to almost everywhere the water goes it is must go trip if you are planning lake trek.

 best time to trek is during  July to September.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

This lake is from Heaven in the earth Kashmir, so just by this word, you can understand how beautiful is this lake. This trek contains beautiful flora and fauna, nature from this place looks  are very beautiful tarsar marsar trek  mountains contain this blue water lake. Lake covered with green mountain which makes this a once in a lifetime experience.

The best time to visit is June to September as not a lot of snow make the trail a little easy.

Brahmtal Lake trek

Brahmatal lake is the most famous lake trek in India whenever you will ask someone about the lake trek the first thing they will tell is brahmtal trek so you will think about what is so special line on the purpose  in this lake, Brahmtal lake is located at 12200 feet it’s a massive altitude. As so it is a moderate level trek situated at Uttarakhand. You can witness some of the biggest mountain ranges in India this is a full package trek you should once go to this trek.   


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