Top 8 New Features of Android 10 That You Should Know

Top 8 New Features of Android 10 That You Should Know

Google has recently come up with the latest version of Android which is known as Android 10. In the recent OS releases, there are not a lot of major changes that you may find.

But there are still a considerable number of new features that you can get in Android 10.

Some of the added features include dark mode, privacy improvements, live caption features to name a few.

So, if you are running a business, then it is high time that you come up with an android application.

For this purpose, it is important that you hire a good mobile app development company who can get the job done for you.

Further, in this blog, we would talk about some of the new features that you will find in Android 10. Let us have a look:-

  • No More Deserts

Google won’t be using deserts name in the version to be released this time around.

In the previous versions, there have been names of desert such as Jelly Bean, Froyo, and Nougat.

But with the Android 10 version, Google has decided to ditch it out. So, Android 9 Pie is the last version to use the sweet treat name in its release.

  • Universal Dark Theme

Many people opt for dark theme in order to save the battery of the device as well as safeguard their eyes from the bright light that is available at the night.

You may find a number of apps that tend to support the dark mode but with Android 10, you can toggle it efficiently on the complete OS.

In order to do so, you need to click on settings and then go on to the display options and then you can turn the dark mode on. Once it is done, then Google apps & system elements would be switched to the dark mode.

  • Gesture Navigation

In the earlier Android Pie version, new gestures were particularly used for the navigation. However, it was not very intuitive, and therefore the new gestures were revised in Android 10.

So, in order to change, you need to go to settings and then click on system. After this, open the gestures open and then tap on the system navigation option.

You get to pick three options among the menu such as:-

  • Gesture navigation which is the new setup of Android 10
  • 2-button navigation in which same gestures is used as in the Android Pie version
  • 3-button navigation option which was used in Oreo version & earlier

You need to keep in mind that if you are using a third-party launcher, then you won’t be able to use the new gesture navigation option. So, you preferably need to choose the stock pixel launcher in order to use them.

These revised gestures tend to be a lot smoother as compared to previous android version.

  • Improved Privacy & Permission Options

Off lately, android permission system is getting better as compared to it was in the earlier time.

So, app access is granted for the location, camera & other sensitive information, and then you can easily access it anytime.

In Android 10 version, Google has taken the steps in order to fix it.

In this version, advantage of location features can be taken. Also, you will get the new options to choose when app location permissions are granted for the first time.

Talking about privacy, you will get privacy-focused options all at one place i.e. by going to settings and then privacy.

Here, you get the options to choose the permission manager to see the apps in which you can have sensitive permissions access alongside the privacy options for the Google Account.

This can turn out to be quite useful if you are building the mobile applications.

But, you should always keep in mind to select the best mobile app development company such that you get the desired results.

  • Updates on Google Play Systems

In the past, the Android system updates used to be a lot of pain. But, in the past few years, a significant improvement has been done by Google.

One of the great things about Android 10 is that you can get security patches through Google Play store without having to wait for the complete system update.

So, in order to see the security patches, you need to click on settings and then further go on to the security options. Over there, you will find the Google Play system update entry which lets you know how updated your device is.

  • Smart Reply

Another useful change that you will find in Android 10 is that you will get suggested actions for all the messages. For instance, if one of your friends sends you a text for a dinner party, then a thumbs-up emoji would be suggested by the phone.

Additionally, with this feature you can pull open the Google maps and YouTube links with just a click of a button. Thus, by the help of this, when someone adds address in the message, then you can open the maps directly.

The following features works quite well across all the messaging apps. Mobile app developers can customize the responses or turn it off as per their requirement.

  • Sharing is improved

By the help of the Android sharing menu, you can send the images, links & other content by the help of the apps that is present on your phone.

But for a long span of time, it has been a very annoying experience when it comes to using it.

It took a lot of time in order to load and sometimes the apps won’t appear in a particular order.

Likewise, the items present on the list would jump around randomly and there was a high chance of sharing it with a wrong person.

But all of these have seen improvement by the coming of Android 10 version.

The share dialog loads at a much faster rate and shows a number of sharing options. Thus, sharing has become a lot easier.

  • Live caption

Another cool feature that you will get with the Android 10 version is the live caption.

Through this, the caption can be added automatically to podcasts, videos, audio messages present across the device. It can also work quite well on the videos that have been recorded.

Also, it can turn out to be a great accessibility option & handy tool. The reason is with this feature you can watch the videos easily without any sound. Further, you can use this feature without any kind of the network connection.

Final verdict

Above are some of the new features that you will find in Android 10.

These features can come in quite handy if you are building new mobile applications.

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