Traditional Armenian sweets

Traditional Armenian sweets

Everybody knows that Armenian cuisine is rich with nutritious dishes majority of which are made from meat, but not everybody knows that Armenian cuisine has a wide range of vegetarian food and also a number of sweets.

Beloved meals are intensely personal, from childhood delights to a grandparent’s favorite recipes. Desserts, which frequently take center stage at celebrations and traditional festivals, appear to embody this especially well.

You never know what you might receive when you venture outside your comfort zone and sample flavorful foods from other cultures.

On your plate, that dish that doesn’t seem right could contain chicken, beef, maggot cheese, or even a live octopus.

Desserts, on the other hand, are generally safe. When you try desserts from different cultures, you might not know exactly what you’re eating, but it’s always fun to try something new.

Now, let’s take a look at Armenian sweets.

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Armenians love bread so much that they even made a sweet bread- gata. A tonir was previously used to bake it, but an oven has subsequently taken its place. However, the conventional baking technique is still used in communities.

Although it can be made with a variety of nut fillings, gata with khoriz is the most widely consumed. For gata you don’t need many products just dough, khoriz, and vanilla.

Place a coin inside the gata before cutting it, and then later, discover who is the lucky one to receive the pieces along with the coin.


This sweet masterpiece is almost always loved by tourists, actually, it is widely spread in Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Iran, etc.

You won’t be disappointed with this delectable pastry’s multi-layered, paper-thin dough, chopped walnuts, and honey. Each dough layer is then filled with the sugar and walnut mixture, baked in a large pan, and served with honey or syrup on top.

Dessert was traditionally served at weddings, christenings, and birthday parties.

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Fruit Lavash

I told you, Armenians love bread, and if something is not bread they gave it the name of bread. This has nothing to do with the Armenian bread lavash. It just looks like lavash but it consists of just fruits.

Prior to making fruit puree, plums, cherries, cornel, and apricots are spread out in a thin layer on a tray and allowed to dry in the sun. It turns out to be a sweet lavash that is long-lasting.

Every Armenian remembers the process of making fruit lavash. Parents or grandparents were making it and then letting it dry under the sun and the smell and the taste were so good that children tried to take a small part and immediately were cried on.

All the sweet memories have a connection with the process of making Armenian dishes and Armenian sweets. If you are in Armenia you should try Armenian sweets as they don’t look like other desserts. You can eat croissants or tiramisu almost everywhere in the world but I doubt you can find Armenian baklava or gata in France or in Germany.



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