Transfer Office 365 Subscription to New Computer-Fixes & Solutions

Transfer Office 365 Subscription to New Computer-Fixes & Solutions

Microsoft provides one of the best Office productivity suites in the market right now. It provides the users with some advanced tools. But we also know dealing with Microsoft Office 365 also has its demerits too. In this article, let us look at how to transfer Office 365 subscription to new Computer.

We will also be discussing how you can migrate the email data from your old computer to your new system. 


Transfer Office 365 Subscription to new Computer 

Since a Microsoft Office 365 subscription is tied to your account it is pretty straightforward to perform migration. All we need to do is deactivate Office 365 from your old system and uninstall it. And then install and activate it on the new system. Now let us look into the steps required for the same. 


Step 1: Deactivate Office 365 on your old computer 

The first and foremost step that we have to do is to deactivate Office 365 on your old system. For this go to Microsoft Office website and log in to your linked account. 

Once signed in, go to “My Account” section from the top. Find the install section to get more options for your account. Select deactivate MS Office on your system and confirm it.  

After this just uninstall Office 365 from your old system. 


Step 2: Installing and Activating Office 365 Subscription on your new system

To transfer Office 365 subscription to new Computer first we have to install Office 365 on it. For this download and launch the installer and follow its installation wizard to install it on your system. 

Once you have installed O365 on your system, now we need to authenticate it. For doing this enter your product key into Office 365. If you don’t remember the product key then you can view it from Microsoft Account>Services & Subscription on Microsoft’s website.

Once you have successfully completed these steps you would successfully transfer Office 365 Subscription to new computer. 

By using this method you can easily move the licenses from one computer to another. But what if you are in a situation where you want to transfer email data along with the subscription too. 

Using the reliable and Automated Professional  Office 365 to Office 365 tool you can easily transfer Office 365 subscription to new computer along with your email data. 

Steps to Use the Professional Tool 

  • Click on the link above download and open the tool. 
  • Ensure that the source and destination are Office 365 
  • Under the workload section select the category of files that you want to migrate to new computer like Email, Contact, Task, Calendar, and Document. 
  • If required the user can apply a date filter to migrate only data from a certain period. Once all required options are selected click on next. 
  • Now you have to validate the permissions for accounts by entering the email ID and application ID of the source tenant. 
  • Press on next button once the permissions are granted.
  • Enter the destination admin email and application Id and validate the required permissions for these too. 
  • Under the resource tab, there are multiple options to get the user data from the source. Choose the one most preferable to you. If you don’t know how to select simply select fetch users, this will fetch the user’s data from the source tenant. 
  • Now enter the destination email address for the users in the source and the default password. This can also be performed in batches together by using a CSV file. 
  • The users have the ability to set priorities for certain accounts if they want to migrate them first. 
  • Once everything is completed click on the start migrate button to start the migration process. 
  • Once the migration process is completed you can get a migration report in a CSV file to make sure all the files are migrated. 

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Some Additional Features 

Not only does the tool make it easy to transfer Office 365 subscription to new computer with email data much easier, but the tool also provides a few extra features that help the users while they transfer Office 365 subscription to new Computer

  • Support for migrating emails, contacts, tasks, categories, and documents. 
  • Ability to migrate shared mailboxes between accounts. 
  • Option to migrate Microsoft Teams. 
  • Support to migrating Office in-Place Archive Mailbox. 
  • Support for adding source and destination users using CSV file. 
  • Option to run delta migration process to migrate newly arrived items. 
  • Ability to migrate Microsoft Office 365 groups and group members between accounts. 
  • Provides date filter for filtering out data before migrating them to destination. 




In this article, we have taken a look at how you can transfer Office 365 subscription to new computer.  We have also seen how you can transfer it along with email data. Hence we recommend using the above mentioned tool for a smooth and seamless experience. 



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