Understanding Gold Bullion Investment And How To Invest In It

Understanding Gold Bullion Investment And How To Invest In It

In the face of the ongoing war in Europe, rising fuel prices, and weakening Dollar rates, demand for gold has been surging over the past few months. There is a rise in the search for “Find gold price 1oz” by investors worldwide. The precious metal’s prices have historically moved in the direction opposite to other markets, namely the share market and currency market.

This is because when the share market and currency market, which experience the highest influx of investments, are weakening, people tend to invest in gold to cut their losses or hedge their investment against a downtrend.

Gold is a keepsake

You can keep gold bullion for generations, which is how most wealthy families store a large part of their wealth. It endures in value and integrity, and irrespective of the value rise in currency markets, the astronomical gains one reaps in shares or derivates trading. It is gold that gives them consistent returns and protects their wealth.

Everyone views gold as wealth and continues to enjoy a strong position as a token of prosperity in many cultures. Thus, its demand never decreases, and the investment in gold in the form of jewelry and bullion is consistently made in all markets. Even central governments of all countries keep a stock of gold bricks in their reserve even if the currency has moved to a fiat money system.

Start investing in gold 

While one can use and wear gold jewelry, gold bullion fetches the rates published by the commodity markets. Mints manufacture gold bullion in gold coins and gold bars. The best gold bullion to buy is manufactured by reputed mints recognized globally with their statement designs and association with the country’s central banks or with gold mining companies.

Gold Bars

Generally, the heavier gold bars, referred to as a “brick,” weighing 10 kgs and more, are held by high net worth investors, banks, financial institutions, and government agencies. For the individual investor, there are smaller sizes of gold bars ranging from 1 oz to 1 kg. The larger 500 gm and 1 kg gold bars have lower making charges, reducing their premium rates and making them easier to store. The gold price 1oz bar may be marginally higher because of the higher charges, but it is more liquid and easier to trade at short notice.

Gold coins

We purely manufacture the gold coins for the individual investor and is available in sizes 500 grams to 1oz. They generally have a unique design engraved on their obverse and reverse sides, coveted by buyers. For instance, the design of Goddess Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, on the Pamp Suisse coins is in high demand amongst her worshippers, especially during the auspicious period of the Diwali festival.

Further, some gold coins also have a numismatic value; coin collectors pay a premium rate for their distinctive features, such as the year of making or design. These coins derive their value, not for their weightage or purity but for their uniqueness and demand. The latest issue of a numismatic gold coin is the 2021 issue of the American Gold Eagle, which is the last batch that one can mint in the old design.

1oz Gold bars or gold coins?

Gold bars cost less to manufacture, so they are cheaper than gold coins. Since gold bars demand more for their purity than the design, they have a lower premium attached to them. The smaller gold wafers come in an assay package just like the gold coins; hence, even where there is a difference in premium rates, it isn’t very important.

In smaller weights, the choice is not so much between gold bars and gold coins as best gold bullion to buy, but the manufacturers of the gold bullion and the dealers.

Where to buy the gold bullion?

You can purchase gold bullion from gold jewelers, banks, and dealers. While banks mostly deal in the US Golden Eagle, the gold dealer is the best alternative if you are looking for more choices. Many small gold dealers resell gold coins and bars, but with NYGold assures you of the genuine product or the best quality purchase.

The US Mint’s website lists authorized gold dealers who sell genuine articles. Whether one wishes to buy or sell the gold bullion, it is best to go through them. There are many online dealers too who trade gold bullion online. You can visit their website, browse their catalog and place an order for the gold bar or gold coin. We discreetly pack the articles along with the authenticity certificate and shipped to your address.

Whether you purchase the gold bullion online or from a brick-and-mortar store, the important thing is to ensure that the assay package is untampered, you get a genuine receipt for your purchase, and where it applies the certificate of authenticity for the product.


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