Usage of Square Feet & Acre in Land Area Measurement

Usage of Square Feet & Acre in Land Area Measurement

Individuals may need to describe their plot in square feet or acres in different circumstances. For example, while selling their properties, the respective buyers may insist on telling the plot size in acre as they are accustomed to it. Furthermore, individuals may also need to describe their mortgaged plot according to their term, which may be acre. So, individuals must know how they can convert a plot area from square feet to acre or vice versa. 

However, they must first understand the basic definition of square feet.

What is a square feet?

The square feet is the unit of a land area in F.P.S. This is the most common unit for land area measurement. For easy understanding, 1 square foot of a plot denotes an area of a square-shaped land of which the length of all its sides is 1 foot.

What is an acre?

Acre is one of the traditional units to describe the size of a piece of land. This unit is still popular in countries like the US, India, Jamaica, France, etc. In fact, individuals may need to describe their land area in acres while selling or mortgaging these immovable properties. So, individuals must know how to convert a land area unit to an acre.

Conversion process of land area from square feet to acre

Before converting a land area from square feet to an acre, individuals need to know the relation between these two units. 

1 square feet land property in acre is identical to 0.0000230 acres of the same plot. So, to convert 1 square feet to acre, individuals need to multiply the square feet land size by 0.0000230.

For example, individuals must multiply 5,00,000 with 0.0000230 to describe 5,00,000 square feet of land in the acre. As the result of this mathematical calculation is 11.4784206, they can tell that that land’s size is also 11.4784206 acre.

However, all these calculation in pen and paper is difficult and lengthier. One can avoid such strenuous effort using the square feet to acre converter. This is an easy-to-use online calculator. First, however, they must know how they can use this virtual land conversion calculator to convert land units.

Steps to using a land conversion calculator

Individuals can get this calculator from websites of lending institutions in India. After that, they need to follow the stepwise guidelines to use the square feet to acre calculator

  1. Find out the land conversion calculator from websites of different lending institutions.
  2. Select the land area input as square feet and the output unit as an acre.
  3. Enter the land area in the input box. Click on the option showing ‘Calculate’.

After this, they can see the converted result in the same window of that website. Thus, individuals can easily convert a plot area from square feet to an acre using these virtual calculators. In addition, individuals can use these when property buyers ask them to tell the land size in acre quickly. As mentioned earlier, lending institutions may also ask borrowers to mention their plot size in this unit while applying for a loan against property.

Generally, individuals opt for this loan against property to get a higher loan amount in time of financial crisis. In fact, lenders also quickly sanction these as they get collateral for security purposes. However, individuals must have a clear idea about all the required documents while applying for this loan against property.

Furthermore, getting this LAP at a lower interest rate is also important to reduce the cost of borrowing. For this, intending borrowers must meet the loan against property eligibility criteria. 

Individuals should also know that various lenders extend pre-approved offers on products like LAPs and home loans. Individuals can efficiently expedite their loan application process by leveraging this benefit. They just need to mention their names and contact details to check their pre-approved offers

In conclusion, individuals can leverage the online land conversion calculator to avoid mistakes and reduce their calculation time. They can effortlessly change a land size from square feet to acre by providing the area on the input box of these calculators.


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