Useful Development Techniques for B2B E commerce

Useful Development Techniques for B2B E commerce

Ecommerce is one of the most successful industries. Many people nowadays own an online shopping store. After the pandemic people get used to of online shopping. Today people prefer online shopping over going to market because it is saving their resources as well as their time.

B2B ecommerce is a way of selling and purchasing of products in between two business online. B2B ecommerce have a very clear goal which is to increase customer reach and to cut the cost-to-serve and to attract large amount of revenue.

There are a lot of international buyers and purchasers some of the most famous buyers are banana buyers, Rice buyers, wheat buyers and fruits buyers looking for B2B options for their businesses

5 common development styles for B2B

Some very common development styles are very important to know if you are interested in B2B ecommerce. So, let’s take a look.

Phone or Email

Phone calls or emails are very effective ways to develop customers from strangers, because they can convey information most quickly, have direct conversations with customers, and even contact higher-level managers with decision-making power. If there is a good research, the customer is likely to have a sense of trust in the company, and with a good pitch, there is a good chance for the customer to make a decision in the moment.

White Paper

White papers usually refer to authoritative documents that require a lot of manpower and resources to collect, edit, and write a content with a lot of company information. If you can provide valuable content, the willingness of customers to leave their contact information will also increase, and they may even take the initiative to contact them.

Industry trends, technology blueprints

Industry trends and technology blueprints may be part of the white paper. But compare to the white paper, its content will be more clear. It is mainly to let customers understand the development status of the industry, the current technological development and the trend in the next few years, so as to evaluate whether to adopt such products. Most of the white papers introduce companies from a neutral point of view, but industry trends and technology blueprints clearly explain to customers the benefits of using this product or service.

One-page briefing

The content of one-page briefing or one-page specification is a clear and easy-to-understand document, explaining the product features, advantages and specifications, which can be sent to customers or explain to customers in person. The main point is that you can use lines and images instead of long speeches. If you use the electronic version, you can also add video and audio narration to make it easier for readers to receive information.

Product Roadmap

The product roadmap includes the company’s product planning for one to two years, or even longer, so that customers can clearly understand the company’s resource allocation and strategic direction. This is very important for customers, because they need to repeatedly confirm whether the company’s development is consistent with the product roadmap, and even need to adjust the development direction according to the product roadmap.

Success stories/Suggestions

Success stories are use to enhance customers’ confidence in products or services, and to confirm that others have had successful experiences before they can deepen product recognition and believe that they can gain the same competitive advantage after use. On the other hand, the propose solution is to provide customize solutions for various scenarios and application methods, allowing customers to iterate.



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