Various Types of Australian Visa

Various Types of Australian Visa

Whenever anybody wants to move from one country to another country. You cannot enter the boundaries of that country without permission, for this needs a visa to enter. Visa is a general term it may not describes the purpose of visiting that particular country. You need to take assistance from Immigration Lawyers Perth to get your visa approved. There are various reasons for visiting that particular place like studying, tourist, medical treatment, Job, etc. Let’s about the types of Australian visas in this article:-

Types of Australian Visa

1 Visitor visas

Whenever someone travels to another country for a shorter duration of time comes under a visitor’s visa. The easiest example to understand this visa is a tourist visa. The purpose of a traveler or tourist is to explore the place and get back to their home country as soon as possible. A visitor’s visa can further be divided into multiple parts

a. Tourist Visa –

We have already discussed tourist visas in the above paragraph.

2. Medical Treatment Visa (Subclass 602)

If you want to visit Australia for doctors consultancy or some other kind of medical examination, then you should apply for a medical treatment visa. The validity of this visa is for a shorter duration. Patients get back to their home country after taking consultancy from the doctor. In this type of visa, a person can visit multiple times within the visa duration. This visa applies to the attendant as well, an attendant is a person who supports the patient in taking medical assistance. An ill person should want someone who supports him or her for medical examination or consultancy. Read more – Subclass 601 Visa

3. Study and training visas

As the name describes the study and training visa. If you want to visit Australia for study or training purposes then you should apply for a study and training visa. The duration of this visa is longer compared to the visitor’s visa. The student should leave the country after completing his education or training. In case after completion of the degree student gets placement in a company in Australia. Then he or she can apply for a work visa. This Visa can be further divided into three parts.

a. Student Visa (Subclass 500)

b. Training Visa (Subclass 407)

c. Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

4. Parent visas

Living life without children at old age is tough. For Better career opportunities people settled in Australia leaving their parents behind. In this case, parents need to apply for a parent visa if they want to shift to Australia. This visa is eligible only if children residing in Australia is a permanent citizens of Australia.

5. Family visas

Live life alone away from home and family is not easy. But there is a way that you can opt to bring your family near you. One should apply for a family visa if they want to bring their siblings or children to Australia.

6. Partner visas

In this partner means your life partner like husband or wife. You can call your life partner anytime if you are a permanent citizen of Australia. For that, you just need to apply for a partner visa. Read this – Know Everything About the Skilled Migration Visa 190

7. Humanitarian and refugee visas

If refugees want to live in Australia then they should apply for a Humanitarian visa. Refugees are those people who are not allowed to live in their own country because of war or some political or religious issues.

8. Bridging visas

In case your visa gets expired but you need some more time to wind up properly, for this you can apply for a bridging visa to get a visa extension. The Duration of a bridging visa is shorter. Bridging visa can further be divided into four parts:-

a. Bridging visa A – BV (Subclass 010)

b. Bridging visa B – BVB (Subclass 020)

c. Bridging visa C – BVC (Subclass 030)

d. Bridging visa E – BVE (Subclass 050 and 051)

9. Work visas

If you get a job in Australia then you can apply for a work visa. For this, you need an offer letter from the company where you got the job. You need to submit this offer letter at the time of applying for the work visa. READ – Things you need to know about the best universities in Australia for international students

10. Business visas

As the name explains business visa is for those who want to do business in Australia. For this first they need to apply for a temporary visa after that they are eligible to apply for a permanent visa.


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