Ways To Keep Your Nails Fresh During the Monsoon Rains

Ways To Keep Your Nails Fresh During the Monsoon Rains

The monsoon season provides us with a relief from summer heat. We are awestruck by rain. Getting immersed in rain can be enjoyable too. Although it is an relief from the summer heat but it also comes with it many viral and bacterial illnesses. Maintaining clean nails and clipping them regularly is crucial in preventing the spread of harmful germs increases in the monsoons. Here’s a list of guidelines for nail hygiene.

1. Clipping nails-

While you may not be used to the routine of regularly clipping your nails in the monsoon season, however, it is essential to trim them regularly to prevent germs from getting trapped beneath the nails. Due to dampness and moisture, nails can become fragile and easily break and it is always advisable to trim them regularly.

Even if you do not usually trim your nails it is recommended to cut them frequently during monsoons to stop the growth of bacteria. Cut your nails shorter because long nails become weak and break easily because of humidity and moisture.

2. Maintain your nails dry-

Keep your hand and toe nails dry throughout the season of rain. Because humidity causes greater sweating on feet and hands constantly dry and washing them to eliminate all harmful contaminants. It is recommended to avoid wearing closed leather shoes and instead opt for loose or strappy shoes because closed leather shoes may result in fungal infections. It is suggested to apply anti-fungal powder prior to wearing shoes and socks in order to prevent any skin irritations.

During the time of rain ensure that you keep your fingers and toe nails clean. Because humidity can cause your feet and hands to sweat more frequently, it is essential to clean and dry them to remove any contaminants. Closed leather shoes are not recommended for unstrappy or open shoes since they can create fungal infections. Prior to putting on shoes and socks it is recommended to apply an anti-fungal product to avoid skin issues.


3. Do not use nail polish

Women are fond of applying different hues of manicure. However, it is recommended not to use nail paints in monsoons. allow your nails to breathe. If it’s necessary, choose nail paints that are free of parabens. Also purchase a nail polish remover that is rich in vitamin A, C, and E to treat cuticle problems.

Many women love the different shades of nail polish, however it’s recommended not applying them during monsoons and let your nails to breathe. If you’re using parabens you should opt for nail paints with no parabens and purchase an remover for nail polish which also has vitamin C, A and E. They are essential to treat nail and cuticle problems.


4. Soak your nails –

It is vital to soak feet and hands in hot water containing detergent and salt throughout monsoons. It eliminates the dirt and germs off the nails, and eliminates harmful bacteria. Soaking your nails can help in smoothing out the skin. After soaking, be sure to dry your nails completely.

In the monsoon months it is essential to soak your feet and hands in warm water with soap and mild shampoo. This cleanses the nails of any dirt and germs, while eliminating harmful bacteria. Nails that are bathed also help to soothe the skin. Be sure to dry them after soaking.


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