What Are The Best Websites For Live Sports Coverage?

What Are The Best Websites For Live Sports Coverage?

The world is full of sports fanatics. Whether it is for relaxing after a long time at the office or just out of general love for sports, many people indulge in rooting for their favorite basketball team now and then. 

Keeping yourself updated with the sports news is a thing sports lovers take pride in. but how about watching your favorite sports live? Yes, you can get live sports coverage from anywhere globally. Many websites offer live sports coverage like weekly rugby podcasts.

If you want to watch any of these spots for free, you can see the list of websites that I have given in this article. 

Reminder: when you use these websites, make sure to use VPN to keep yourself off the radar of your network provider. 

VPN apps are super helpful when it comes to masking your location. However, you don’t need to use them all the time. There is no need to use a VPN when playing games like Playerzpot.

Stream2 watch

You can watch all of your favorite sports online through the streams2 watch website. There is no need to pay for a subscription. Here are what this website offers to you–

  • You can stream international sports.
  • Different sports like NFL, basketball, hickey, Boxing, and Golf are all available for free streaming.
  • This platform is an on-demand sports platform. 
  • A backup stream for all content is available. 


If you are looking for a site to watch all the premium sports live, FoxsportsGo is a good site. You can live to stream your favorite match on your smartphone or computer. There is also a full schedule option available for live sports. Here are the features of this site–

  • You can stream live sports in high quality.
  • Sports Stories and news are also available.
  • You get sports score updates as well.


Whether you want to watch a popular boxing event or watch the MMA or UFC events, you can use track streams. It is a free platform for watching all of your favorite sports. Here are some features of this website to intrigue you–

  • There are multiple boxing game events.
  • Live sports schedules are available. 


If you are a sports fan, you are bound to know the name of ESPN. The highlights of sports news, new events, and much more are available on the ESPN website. Video coverage of live sports is also available here. Some features of ESPN are as follows–

  • ESPN offers live schedules of different sports. 
  • You can watch sports highlights. 


Another free website for all of your favorite sports is streamonsport. You can watch your favorite football matches, boxing matches, NFL, basketball, etc. If you miss any of your favorite sports, you can watch the recording from this website. Here are the features–

  • Free sports live coverage. 
  • Different sports like boxing, football, and basketball are streamed for free. 
  • You get regular updates. 


Not just sports, Video is a platform for news, entertainment, and so much more. But if you only want to watch sports for free, you can check out this site. A wide collection of live sports, sports news, and recast is available for free on the Video platform. Here are some of the features of this site–

  • This site streams more than 100 channels for free. 
  • Live sports, entertainment, news, and so much more are available on Video.
  • There are more than 14000 shows available here.


Almost all the popular sports events are available on Sportsurge. You can watch online sports events live for free. Sports news, updates, and previous matches are also available here for free. Here are some features of this site–

  • This site lets you watch sports for free.
  • The video quality is HD.
  • Live and previous matches are available for free. 


All of your favorite sports matches can be available for free on Facebook Watch. Different sports like football, cricket, and basketball live here. Also, you can share your comment in the comment section. You can react to sports; here are the features of this platform–

  • You can search for your videos. 
  • Live sports shows are available. 
  • Social sharing and commenting options are there. 

Live Soccer TV

For all soccer lovers, there is no better free website than Live Soccer TV. If you want to watch the Livestream of any soccer match, then this is the free website you should turn to. They also have schedules for all the upcoming matches. Here are the features–

  • You can watch live sports events.
  • Sports news and events are available. 
  • All the major soccer sports are streamed here. 
  • Different sports like football, rugby, and cricket are free for streaming. 

Bottom Line

When you want to watch free sports and don’t have an idea where to watch them, you need to look around a little. These websites here are the best for watching sports for free. If you are looking for such websites, you can check out my recommendations here. 

Did you like these sites? If you did, please share with us which site you would use. 

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