What are the Fundamentals of Web Application Architecture?

What are the Fundamentals of Web Application Architecture?

What is Web Application Architecture?

A web application structure defines the relationship between information, servers, and applications in the system. Determines how the system performance and logic are distributed between the server-side and the client-side. Basically, architecture is responsible for integrating all aspects of the application: what your users see and interact with and how the software handles performance at an internal level.

Fundamentals of web architecture

All web applications are made up of two basic elements – as you can see in the layout diagram above:

  • Client-side (front): code stored in the browser and displayed to the user. Users interact with the client-side of the app.
  • Server-side: code is an application that runs on a server and uses it to connect to the hardware.

Parts of a web application

The modern architecture of the web application is based on the same components of the basic structure.

  • UI / UX components: these components are not included in the sub-layout of the web application. In today’s web architecture guide, we will only briefly touch on the UI / UX. Generally, these components are responsible for introducing the visual structure of a web application.
  • Client section: similar to client-side. This component does not depend on the operating system or hardware features. The main task of the client part is to ensure smooth interaction with customers.
  • Server component: this part of the application manages internal thinking and connects to the functionality of the website. Here, Developers use standard purpose languages ​​to build the server-side of a web application, such as PHP, Python, and Java.

Ways to use on the server-side

Although the basic structure of web architecture design does not change, the methods used by engineers to build and connect these layers vary. These methods are what we call architectures. Let’s take a look at the most common ways to build a web app and put all the parts of a page together.

Monolithic buildings

This structure represents a common way to develop a web application. Such applications have a single codebase. If the team wants to make changes to the application, they need to update the entire file. This method seems to be accurate in the first stages because all the components are clearly visible to each other. It is a good choice for small but dangerous products and services on the most vulnerable platforms.

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The structure of most web applications can be divided into three basic layers of web applications. Engineers can develop these layers individually or individually. This method also has the name of a three-phase architecture – see the graphic design of the web application.


An important technical stack used by developers contains JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. HTML determines the main features of a website, while CSS is responsible for its style. Java Script allows users to interact with these features, making your website more dynamic.


Each application has a business or application background. This is an application function that accepts requests from the browser, processes them outside the browser, and determines which results will be redirected backward.

How do microservices work?

Each microservice is responsible for a single function that performs seamlessly.

  • Microservices are easy to test. You can fix one service error without touching the entire function.
  • Independent submission: you can quickly launch a new design for your project by releasing a new version of one service at a time.


The design of the web application will determine the essential functions of your application and operating features. It will also explain search engine usage, UI / UX methods, data processing, and security. Architecture is really the backbone of the whole system. This is the reason why choosing a web application design is the most important decision you should make in the entire development process. If you want a more professional look, you can contact the AppVerticals custom web application development company that provides application developers and architects.


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