What are the Sources of Natural Floral Aroma and Essence?

What are the Sources of Natural Floral Aroma and Essence?

Fresh natural flowers and their fragrance have also enticed humans, poets, users, lovers, and manufacturers of many end products. Natural essential oils and pure floral absolute oils derived from flowers are the means to reach these exotic fragrances for human use. They are highly concentrated aromatic liquids. Lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, neroli, clary sage, helichrysum, German chamomile, and Roman chamomile are the floral essential oils extensively used in cosmetics toiletries, perfumes, and many other herbal formulations. They are lighter in color and consistency as essential oil manufacturers employ the steam distillation method.

Floral Absolute Oils

The users get exquisite floral aromas from floral absolute oils that differ in derivation method from floral essential oils. Floral absolute oil manufacturers use solvents such as hexane, ethanol, and others to extract darker, thicker, and highly aromatic floral absolute oils. Floral absolute oils are suitable for external applications, while floral essential oils have versatile applications.

The users employ essential oils for internal consumption and add them as flavors and wellness ingredients in herbal formulations. Popular floral absolute oils are calendula, jasmine, frangipani, lily, night queen, rose, carnation, champaca, and orris. They are excellent for aromatherapy and premium fragrance formulations.

The fragrance manufacturers create synthetic aromatic oils using esters of natural floral oils of both types. They buy floral oil wholesale from natural oil manufacturers. Synthetic floral fragrance oils are also suitable for many products, but they cannot be components of purely natural organic products. Many users prefer natural floral oils that are free of additives. 

An Overview of Floral Absolute Oils

Rose Floral Absolute Oil – Rose absolute oil is a viscous reddish liquid obtained from the fresh Damask rose flowers. It possesses a complex sweet floral aroma, and the perfume makers use it in place of rose otto essential oil in premium perfumes to achieve desired aroma strength.  

Calendula Floral Absolute Oil – Calendula is commonly known as marigold. Its absolute oil has skin-beneficial properties and is an excellent addition to ointments, creams, and SPF lotions. It soothes skin, heals wounds, protects against sun rays, and improves skin texture.

Jasmine Floral Absolute Oil – Two variants of jasmine absolute oil are available Jasmine Grandiflorum and Jasmine Sambac. Jasmine floral oil has an intense, characteristic floral fragrance that acts as an aphrodisiac. The users employ it in body fragrances, diffuser blends, air fresheners, cosmetics, and hair oils.

Natural Floral Absolute Oils

Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil – Frangipani oil derived from fresh white plumeria flowers is known for its mild sweet base notes, and aroma combination of various flowers and fruits such as gardenia, rose, and pineapple, plum, grape, and ripe banana. It blends well with other woody, sweet, and citrus essential oils. Its smell is appropriate for haircare and skincare products besides perfumes.

Lily Floral Absolute Oil– Lily floral absolute oil reduces stress and improves cardiovascular health with its fragrance. Its diffusion helps relax and balance emotionally. It is a valuable soothing and fragrance component in air fresheners and perfumery. The floral absolute oil suppliers in India provide these floral absolute oils due to the wide availability of natural floral material.

Why Floral Absolute Oils?

Floral absolute oils have the following qualities,

Aphrodisiac – Most absolute oils work as aphrodisiacs and promote sexual desire in partners. They become means to set the mood for intimacy.

Antidepressant – Most floral absolute oils have soothing effects on the human mind. They stimulate the nervous system and remove feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout.

Astringent – The application of floral absolute oil dilution contracts the skin tissues and accelerates the healing of wounds, bites, sores, and scars. 

Therapeutic – The use of floral absolute oil in aromatherapy offers therapeutic benefits. It relaxes the mind and body.

Anti-inflammatory – Floral absolute oils contain natural volatile compounds that help reduce spasms, strains, and headaches. The users can safely add it to massage oils.

Mosquito-repelling – The aroma of floral absolute oils repels mosquitoes besides spreading fragrance. The users can make different diffuser blends with exquisite floral oils

Fungicide – Some floral absolute oils display activity against fungal infections and help treat jock itch, athlete’s foot, skin ulcers, or hemorrhoids. 

Cicasitrant – Application of many floral absolute oils on wounds helps produce new tissues in place of damaged tissues and eases wound healing. 


Floral absolute oils are safe for topical applications. The floral absolute manufacturers do not recommend their intake. They also advise using them sparingly due to their highly concentrated bioactive content. The users should store them in a cool, dark place in amber glass containers to maintain their potency and fragrance during shelf-life.

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