What can be advantages of gifting custom t-shirts to co-workers?

What can be advantages of gifting custom t-shirts to co-workers?

What are custom t-shirts?

T-shirts designed according to choice and preference or for any particular purpose are custom t-shirts.

There are a variety of options for custom tshirt design like embroidered t shirts, vintage college t-shirts, printed t-shirts, different versions of t-shirts in solids, stripes, v-neck, round-neck, cropped, baggy and many more. But you can get it customized in a wide variety of colors as well.

Benefits of gifting custom t-shirts to co-workers:

  • One of the best things about custom t-shirts is that you can get it designed according to your needs and preferences.
  • They are not very expensive. So it wouldn’t put extra pressure on your budget. You can get them at a reasonable price. If you are ordering in bulk, you can get discounts, free shipping, and other rewards.
  • With the advancement in production techniques and technology, it takes much less time in production and delivery. With new techniques like laser transfer paper and vinyl cutting, it helps in cost-cutting, in-expensive and fast production.
  • It displays a symbol of unity in a group or team and builds a sense of teamwork. It creates an atmosphere of “one team, one goal”.
  • Giving custom t-shirts to your employees as a gift is an easy and cost-effective way of advertisement for your company.
  • Wearing a custom printed t-shirt that includes your company’s text or slogan can act as a brand ambassador. This could attract new potential customers to your business.

  • You can also use them as uniforms as it will also save time to select what to wear every morning. It brings uniformity and the office environment will get better as nobody would look overdressed.
  • The same uniform increases teamwork and it also doesn’t involve the threat of an intruder in your company, say, in any large events.
  • Different colors of t-shirts can be chosen for different departments for the best gift with the name of that department printed on them, this will help in distinguishing between departments.
  • Giving a customized t-shirt to your employees makes them feel special and recognized. It makes them feel like a part of the company and that helps to create a special connection.
  • Owning a custom company t-shirt gives employees a clean and uniform look. Funny t-shirts or t-shirts with funky images or funny taglines or impressive logos of your business can really add up to your company’s ambiance.
  • Again, custom t-shirts for employees help to establish a consistent and strong brand image in restaurants, cafes, and stores.

How to design custom t-shirts?

Designing a custom t-shirt nowadays has become quite an easy task. There are many offline outlets as well as online sites available to design your personalized t-shirts.There are various methods available for tshirt printing such as Screen printing, Dye sublimation, Direct garment (DTG) Technique, Heat Press Printing, Vinyl Cutting, Hand, and Spray Painting, and Airbrushing etc.

  • Do think about the person and purpose for whom you need the t-shirt. For example, you want a funny t-shirt for men and funny tshirts women, t-shirts for campaigns.
  • After planning your design, it’s time to think about the color contrast. Keep in mind the color of the shirt you are choosing. If you are choosing a dark-colored shirt then it will go better with light color designs and dark-colored designs go well with light colored clothing.
  • Once you have completed the task of balancing your design, it’s time to determine the placement of the design on the t-shirt. Some designs look good at the center while some designs can be set on the top left or use as a wraparound image.
  • It’s always good to preview your image before putting them on the t-shirt. So preview a final mock-up of the design and make sure everything looks perfect.


Giving a custom t-shirt as a gift is always a good idea. It is meaningful and something that the recipient will cherish.
Some of the best online T-shirt Design software that one can use in the coming days are – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, GraffixPro Studio, InkScape, and CorelDraw.
So when you are convinced that giving custom t-shirts to your employees. It can serve your business in a number of ways, Get set go and have fun presenting your employees with cool customized t-shirts that can represent your brand in a good way.


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