A duvet cover is similar to a pillow cover, it is a protective layer that slips over the duvet and encloses it within. Duvet covers are essential because duvets may be quite expensive as well as difficult to clean, so duvet covers are use as these are convenient to remove and wash and protect your duvet as well. Duvet covers can change the entire look of your bedroom without much effort or need for redecoration. As duvets come in different sizes and styles so do the duvet covers. A duvet cover can also enhance a duvet by encasing it in a new layer of fabric, thus it can make the duvet more comfortable. You can buy a variety of duvet covers in different fabrics, styles, sizes, prices, etc. from the market as well as online. For example, you can easily buy a cheap single duvet cover from the local market or even any online selling store. Here, we shall discuss the types of duvet covers.



Flannel is one of the best and most suitable fabrics meant for cold winter nights. This fabric is not only warm and soft but also quite breathable. The covers make from this fabric are woven in such a way that it gives them a classy and great look. This fabric is quite similar to cotton but is woven. The fabric is brush in such a way that it makes it smooth and soft. One of the drawbacks that it comes with is that the stains are hard to remove so in case, you happen to spill something on it would be difficult to restore the cover’s new look. However, the more you wash this cover, the softer it becomes.


The best that can be say about this fabric is that it is the most suitable for sweltering evenings. It is one of the most versatile fabrics any customer would ever get. Although this fabric is quite expensive, when you use linen duvet covers, it can give you a luxurious feeling. Although this fabric is machine-washable, however at times it may shrink which can give the cover ill-fitting.


The most common fabric in which duvet covers are mostly available is cotton. There are many reasons for cotton being the most preferred fabric such as it is strong and durable and in addition to this, it is cheap. Moreover, cotton is a quite comfortable, soft, and breathable fabric which makes it suitable to be used throughout the year. It has drawbacks too as it is also prone to shrinkage and also takes a lot of time to dry up. So, in case you want to reuse the same cover after washing, you need to make sure that you put them for drying well in time. You can buy cotton duvet covers in different shapes and styles such as you can buy cotton duvet set double

So, these are just a few types of duvet cover fabrics, though there are many more. You can easily buy these from the market or any online site depending upon your convenience.


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