What Is Hybrid Learning, And Why Schools Are Using It?

What Is Hybrid Learning, And Why Schools Are Using It?

Hybrid learning refers to the combination of both traditional, as well as online learning. online learnings somewhere between an on-campus and an off-campus classroom education. With this kind of curriculum-driven approach towards education, schools are reinventing their classrooms and coming up with ways to combine both traditional and modern techniques. Today’s students prefer seeking information online rather than reading from books. Many schools have been following a hybrid curriculum for several years now, but with the new set of circumstances, a shift to a crowd-propelled approach remains inevitable. Here are some reasons why schools across the world prefer online Learning to other forms of education.


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Hybrid Learning


Hybrid learning is a pedagogical approach that combines online education with traditional in-person classroom learning. In a learning model, students learn through a blend of physical classroom instructions as well as online activities. In this approach, students spend time in the classroom when possible, but they also explore web-based activities and online lessons to complement the learning process.

The dictionary defines the word hybrid as “a thing made by combining two different elements.” This definition fits perfectly with the concept of hybrid learning because it allows students to engage in both traditional and technological methods of instruction.

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The Benefits Of Hybrid Learning For Students

Hybrid learning offers many advantages to students. For instance, it provides the flexibility to learn at your own convenience. Rather than commuting to school multiple times a week, individuals can complete their coursework from a more convenient location.

Additionally,  learning has the potential to expand access to education for many students who are eager to learn. Students from all over the world and from different time zones can learn – without the challenges of physical migration.


Hybrid learning also allows students to set their own goals, track their progress, and find resources that best fit their needs – developing such self-motivational skills is vital to success in the workplace.


There are several ways in which a hybrid learning model can improve student discipline. First, students must become better time managers. Online learning tools usually have strict submission time. This forces students to work in accordance with the stringent deadlines and helps improve student discipline.

Additionally, learning sessions are recorded and subsequently published online, where they can be accessed or viewed at any time by any student who missed the class. Students who are unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts may still participate in these sessions via the internet. Furthermore, if a student is unable to attend class for some reason, instead of completely missing a session, the student can participate in the course via online learning.

As such, it is clear that there are numerous benefits associated with adopting a hybrid learning model as opposed to traditional  face-to-face instruction methods.

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eSchool is the perfect solution for instructors looking to integrate technology into their classroom. Used in over 40 countries, eSchool offers a wide range of ready-made online courses for students of all ages. The platform allows teachers to create engaging online lessons and deliver content with complete freedom. What’s more, eSchool offers high-quality recordings of professional instructors delivering live lectures that are also immediately available on the platform. These recorded lectures can be used as supplementary material for students or as a reference tool for follow-up on topics covered in class.



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