What Should You Know About Fantasy Cricket?

What Should You Know About Fantasy Cricket?

If you wish to know how to play fantasy cricket, you will have to know how to predict a team and who can win you maximum points. You would also have to know about the tactics and strategies to win fantasy cricket. It isn’t about betting large amounts of money but about understanding a player’s performance and making the right call. 

What is the Meaning of Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is the term given to an online system-based game. In this game, you need to make a virtual team of real cricketers playing in genuine matches worldwide. You can pick whomever you want from the team playing on a particular day. Your goal is to score more points than your opponents. 

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

Every game has a few rules that you have to follow. If you want to know how to play fantasy cricket, follow these few simple steps-

  • Select a team: It doesn’t matter which site you’re playing on. The first and foremost step in playing fantasy cricket is selecting a team. Different sites have different limits on the number of players you can choose. You have to select batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounder’s from the list of available players. There are no restrictions or budget limitations on most sites, and you can choose any player irrespective of their team. Your team will expire as soon as the match gets over. You have to choose a new team for every match. Some online betting sites allow you to create teams for future matches available for team selection.
  • Choose a captain: From the players that you have chosen, you can select a captain, and his score will be doubled when the match gets over.
  • Manage your team- You can make changes you want to your team before the deadline of the match.

Some important things you should know if you are a beginner

  • Deadline: Selection of any team player is not allowed after the scheduled beginning of the match.
  • Live Match:  If you have chosen to play a live match game, once the match is live, you will be allowed to watch your chosen players score points depending on their performance. You can check out the performance of the other users that you have challenged.
  • Point Scoring:  Players are allocated points based on their performance. You should know how many points are given to each player for their performance.
  • Points Calculation: The last thing you need to know about fantasy cricket is that the points scored by your players are always calculated after an hour at the end of the match. You will be able to check your total score and rank for the match.

If you are wondering how to play fantasy cricket, these are the primary things you need to know. You will be able to know more about the game through practice. 

Tips and Strategies that You Can Use

To excel in fantasy cricket, you can follow certain tips and strategies-

  • Player’s performance: Before choosing any team player, you have to understand how that particular player performs. You have to do your research and analyze each player’s past performances and then select the players based on their current form, as some cricketers have lost the force that they had in the past. Check out the regularity with which they play for their teams. 
  • Pitch Performance: You have to analyze the pitch before every match as it plays a significant role in deciding who is going to win the match. It is important to know which player performs well on a particular pitch. You have to analyze and research the venue and pick the team accordingly. 
  • Find out if your chosen players are playing beforehand: Obviously, if you are choosing someone, you want them to play that particular match. But there are times when the specific player you have selected may not be able to play during an injury or any other reason. Therefore, you need to know if a player is playing on that day. To avoid choosing a player who might not play, select consistent and regular players and have a long-term spot on the team. If you have a doubt regarding any player, the best decision would be to not choose them. 
  • Calculate the cost- Some players have high prices, but they do not perform at the level that they are expected to be at. Watch the previous games and decide which players perform better regardless of their cost. These players can offer an excellent balance to your overall team and can reward you well. 

These are some tips that can make you win big in fantasy cricket.


The majority of the Indian population follows cricket with all their heart. It has risen to great heights, which is the reason for the popularity of fantasy cricket. If you are a beginner, research how to start online fantasy sports just follow the above-mentioned tips to win big rewards. 

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