What We Can Do When Brother Printer not connecting to WiFi

What We Can Do When Brother Printer not connecting to WiFi

Wireless Brother printers are most useful in today’s and this printer has the finest segment of printers to go wireless. This advanced technology works more efficiently without a huge mess of wires. If your Brother Printer won’t connect to WiFi, it unexpectedly delays your work and ruins your schedule.

So let’s check out how you can solve your brother printer and connect the Brother printer to the WiFi network to meet the deadlines.

First of all, let’s check the cause behind the Brother Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi?

The Main Cause Behind for Brother Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi

There are a vast number of reasons that your printer won’t connect to the WiFi network. The main reasons are:

  • No Internet
  • Weak WiFi Signals
  • Incorrect WiFi setting
  • Software Issue

Above is the main cause behind the Brother Printer Won’t connect to WiFi problem. Let’s check out how you can solve the problem itself and make your printer work again.
Technical Ways to Fix Brother Printer won’t Connect to WiFi issue:

1. Reboot the Device

Before moving ahead the first and one of the simplest methods to fix any issue on the printer, is just to do a quick restart of your printer, WiFi network, and your computer/Laptop.

Restart all your network devices and Brother printer and back to work again. If your brother’s printer is not reconnecting automatically then connect Brother Printer to WiFi.

2. Check WiFi Connection

Make sure your wireless network is working with a good range signal received. To check whether WiFi works or not? You can check by the other website like YouTube, Google Search, Bing search, etc. on your laptop, or SmartPhone using the same wireless network.


3. Check WiFi Settings

If your WiFi signal or network works fine then make sure that you are connected to the same WiFi network on which your brother’s printer is connected. Also, check if the Wi-Fi setting of your brother’s printer is correct or not. This might be one of the major reasons the users are using the wrong WiFi password to connect printers to the WiFi network.

4. Network Connection Repair Tool (Windows Only)

The Network connection repair tools will help you to reconnect your brother’s printer to the WiFi network. Then it will automatically get the error and solve the issue.

You can download the tool from here. (https://support.brother.com/g/b/midlink_productcategory.aspx?c=us&lang=en&content=dl&site=pc&targetpage=17&noautojudge=true)


5. Software Issue


Fireware is the printer application or software that helps your Brother printer to work fine. If your printer is new then you need to update the firmware to connect your Brother printer to the Wi-Fi network. You can get the latest Firmware from the official website on Brother Printer.


Make sure the printer Driver is working as the interface between your printer and the PC. But you always need to update the driver’s software from time to time to make your printer work again.

You can download and install the latest version printer driver software update from the official website.

6. Other WiFi Issues

  • Check out some other common issues that cause Brother Printer not to connect to the WiFi network issue:
  • Check the “Wireless Connect Status”, If it shows any error or problem then you need to reset the network to factory setting and try to reconnect.
  • Check out the IP address of your Brother printer and computer. Ensure both are the same last digit in this address…
  • Need to Reset the printer network that will connect with the WiFi router.

7. Get in Touch With Experts

If you have tried and failed all the above conditions to fix Brother Printer won’t connect to WiFi, then you need help from an expert so touch with printer expert. The next article also read the Brother Printer Offline on Mac device and its solution

You can contact Brother Printer experts to get the job done right now. We are available 24×7 for you and will help you to fix the issue in a very short time.


In the last, this guide will help you to solve the Brother Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi network issue. There are many reasons or causes behind Brother printer not connecting to WiFi error, we try to cover some of the important issues.

If you haven’t found any solution yet, use a USB cable to connect the printer to the computer and finish your import task until you get a solution for the experts.


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