When Should You Consult a Gynecologist?

When Should You Consult a Gynecologist?

Besides cardiac or gastrointestinal well-being, sexual and reproductive health are equally important. But, being a less discussed issue, you may not be able to understand the signs of a potential problem that might be developing over time.

Gynecologists are the only medical specialist with whom you can share all your discomfort without being judged. It is essential to make it a routine for females between the age 13 to 15 to visit the gynecologist salt lake. Or, seek advice before becoming sexually active.

It is quite understandable that puberty is a challenging time, and the body goes through numerous changes. So, if you have any concerns about the reproductive system or sexual health, consult the doctor for an age-appropriate screening. 

Here are a few problems that require immediate action –

Painful Periods

For most women, the period is accompanied by unbearable cramps, soreness, nausea, and severe headache. These are just a few to name. But, if it continues, then it is time to consult with the gynecologist. 

This can be a sign of endometriosis or uterus fibroids. A gynecologist can help you manage the conditions, and you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Swelling Around Your Genitals

If you notice any unnatural swelling around your vagina or labia, it is a concern, and you need to see a gynecologist immediately. This can be a sign of a benign tumor or herpes. 

Ignoring such situations or delaying can make the outbreak worse. So, get an appointment at the hospital in Agartala and examine it before it becomes life-threatening.

Sexual Discomfort

People become skeptical while talking about sex. But, when it is about discomfort, pain, and bleeding, you need to seek help from a gynecologist and explain your concerns. 

Vaginal dryness can be due to age, lifestyle, low estrogen, or post-menopause. Instead of trying any home-based solution, you must get a strict opinion of a gynecologist. 

Further, if you experience pain during sex, it is essential to explain it to the gynecologist. They can suggest you a lubricant and medication to stop bleeding.

Unary Urinary Leakage

Sudden leakage can become stressful as it hampers your quality of life and confidence. The symptoms are generally witnessed right after childbirth due to vaginal delivery. During menopause, the symptoms get worse. 

Depending on the present condition, either medical or any surgical options are usually prescribed. If you have diabetes, consult the best diabetologist in Kolkata before the surgery. 

Vaginal Odor

Yet another uncomfortable topic to talk about or discuss with your doctor. But, if you witness a foul smell, it can be a sign of bacterial overgrowth or vaginal infection. 

This requires immediate treatment and proper medication. So, talk to your gynecologist to lead a healthy life without hesitation.


So, before things get worse, book an appointment with the best medical faculties at ILS Hospitals. It is also advised to begin pap smear screening from the age of 21 to prevent cervical cancer in the future. You must maintain a proper diet and incorporate exercise and a healthy living style to keep ailments at bay.


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