Where to buy school assignments?

Where to buy school assignments?

Netizens complain about winter vacation assignments.

The city’s primary and secondary schools are about to start. Some netizens complained that in the first winter vacation after the “double reduction,” many schools still arranged handwritten newspaper assignments, including Chinese handwritten newspapers, mathematics handwritten newspapers, English greeting cards, etc. Look at Taobao With so many semi-finished hand-copied newspapers and electronic hand-copied newspapers, you know how superficial this is… Different prices for Buy Assignment Online.

On Taobao, Xiaohongshu, and other platforms, if you search for keywords such as “Painting Handwritten Newspaper,” many stores will pop up, attracting many netizens to leave messages for consultation, “Do you accept the handwritten copy of mathematics?” “Will you accept an English handwritten copy?” report?”

  Among them, the top merchants on Taobao have minor monthly sales of more than 300 orders and the most with more than 4,000 orders. Click on Taobao search and find that there are two modes for merchants. The first is to purchase templates directly. Hundreds of different manuscript templates are between 70 yuan and 100 yuan. Through the seller’s message, it is found that the disadvantage of this mode is the template. Fixed, it is easy to have the same handwritten report, and even a class has to submit the same template.

Different Modes of writing.

The other mode is “representing a painting by hand and copying a newspaper,” in which the time and price of the painting can be given only after the parents provide some relevant questions.

  The reporter consulted the business in the parent’s name and entered words such as “third grade, A4 size, and the theme of the Winter Olympics”. The merchant said that if there is no need to send the physical object, the merchant will provide the electronic version of the design, and then the parents will print it out and paint it or copy it according to the design. The average price is 40 yuan, and it takes 2 days. If you need to rush, the Expedited one-day price is 10 yuan. The price of private customization is 80 yuan, it takes 2 days, and the price of expedited one day is 20 yuan.

  The merchant explained that you could use the standard version if the demand is for winter vacation homework. Suppose you want to participate in the competition. In that case, you need to choose private customization because private customization is a one-to-one design. A unique handwritten newspaper and there will be no duplication.

Handwritten newspapers can test children’s learning ability.

  On February 14th, Mr. Zhu, a citizen, posted in the circle of friends: How many parents are busy doing handicrafts, painting, and handwriting newspapers tonight, and it is still the theme of the Winter Olympics?

  Mr. Zhu told reporters, “My baby is relatively young and has just entered the first grade of primary school. Therefore, most handwritten newspapers are completed by parents. This year, our winter vacation handwritten newspaper assignments are also required to be combined with hot spots, focusing on the Winter Olympics. ; therefore, we also cater to the present moment and draw Bingdundun.”

  According to Mr. Zhu, as far as he knows, when the child reaches the third grade, he mainly completes it independently, “However, our child is too young, his focus is not enough, and he doesn’t know much about the Winter Olympics, so we need our parents. To outline, such as drawing a Bing Dun Dun, the color is painted by himself.”

Different Modes of writing.

  A fourth-grade parent of a primary school in the Yuzhong District said that every winter and summer vacation, the school assigns handwritten newspaper assignments. “We know that Taobao has templates for sale, but there must be many people who buy templates. Isn’t it the same as drawing? It doesn’t make sense, kid. It takes a day to draw by yourself, and you need to be creative and typesetting, so this is also an opportunity to exercise children’s abilities”. For example, in this year’s winter vacation homework, the school asked to complete an English tabloid. And the parents just looked at it; there was no major problem. Let him transcribe it himself. A parent of the sixth grade of a primary school in the Yuzhong District said that the school assigns handwritten newspaper assignments during winter and summer vacations. She believes that this assignment by the teacher is a test of the child’s learning ability. No matter how well the child does, the child should complete it by himself. As a parent, the homework urges the child to complete it carefully.

Teacher: Handwritten newspaper can cultivate students’ comprehensive ability

Does it make sense for the teacher to assign such an assignment?

As educators, we must reflect on how to better tap and play the educational function of handwritten assignments. The handwritten assignment is a comprehensive and highly educational practical educational significance and value, write my assignment.

  Parents should not purchase ready-made handwritten newspapers to deprive their children of opportunities and rights to learn and grow. Do not let their children form the wrong perception that they can solve any problem with money. Teachers and schools should strive to make handwritten newspapers’ content quality. Quantity and frequency requirements conform to the actual situation of students and must not be a mere formality.


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